How to make a cake out of beer cans with their hands

Any girl knows that shopping for men is not easy. If before the standard set of razors, shaving foam and other things could come in useful for gift, now this gift may not only surprise a young man, but even to offend.

Как сделать торт из пивных банок своими руками

Preparing a gift for a loved one, I want it to be appreciated. Of course, you can buy some necessary thing, ask for it at the store beautifully packaged, but your other half will probably be much nicer to receive a gift into which you have invested love.

For anybody not a secret that any celebration is complete without alcoholic beverages, and this drink, like beer, the taste of many men. Even if your young man does not drink, most likely he has friends or colleagues who will not refuse this invitation. So the packaging for the main gift in the form of a cake out of canned beer will be most welcome and on 23 February, birthday, and New year’s.

First decide on a major gift. It can be leather goods (wallet, Doc cover, strap, or other), external drive, camera, etc. the Main thing is that the gift was small and could fit into a scheme created by you «packaging».

Once the gift is purchased or selected, you can begin to create a cake out of beer, given the size of the gift. You will need:

— two trays with a diameter of 30 and 20 inches (sizes can be different, but the difference of the diameter of the trays should be 10-12 cm);

— satin ribbon width of five centimeters and a length of about three meters;

— wrapping paper in the color of the ribbon;

— Scotch;

— scissors;

— beer in cans.

First take the trays and carefully wrap them individually in wrapping paper. Secure the wrap with tape on the underside of the trays.

Put in front of a Packed tray of larger diameter, place on it cans of beer as closely as possible to each other. In the center of the tray between the banks put the main gift.

If the gift is small and between the banks a lot of free space, fill it with bags of pistachios, crackers and other Goodies to the beer. Take a ribbon, tie it banks in a circle, and tie the ends in a beautiful lush bow. The tape does not slide down, secure it in several places with small pieces of tape.

On top of the first Korzh put the tray of smaller diameter. It will set the other banks, placing them not only in circle but also in the center. Tie wide ribbon to the second tier of the cake in a circle, tie a bow and secure it with tape or glue on the side of «cake». From the remaining ribbon make a bow is very lush in diameter with the top tier of the cake. Secure it at the top of the cake. If you don’t know how to do bows, you can buy a ready-made bow and decorate your creation.

It is worth noting, if you have created a gift to bring anywhere not, the above option create it for you. Otherwise, I suggest you each the layer of cans a couple of times to wrap the tape, and then tie ribbons and decorate.

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