Remedies for the treatment of erythema with rosacea

Rosacea is a very insidious disease, and those who suffer from them, you know neponaslyshke. It is a multifactorial disease whose cause is still not able to install 100%.

Средства для лечения эритемы при розацеа

Among the reasons doctors list the gastro-intestinal tract, problems with hormonal sphere, stress, bad ecology, problems with nutrition and skin care and many others. The disease is associated also with the activity of Demodex mites.

There are many medicines and skincare remedies for the treatment of rosacea who can prescribe the doctors. Among them are antibiotics (tetracycline, doxycycline, etc.), sorbents, external ointments and gels — metrogyl, rosaliq, rosamet, dalatsin, skinoren, also mash. Some dermatologists recommend laser treatment and vodolechenie, today it is the most effective means in the fight against rosacea.

As for skin care for rosacea — there are many remedies intended for this sensitive skin, they often come in series to combat rosacea. Among them, La Roshe Posay, Uriage, Dr. Hauschka, Pevonia, Bioderma and others. Of course, while rosacea cannot self-medicate, and should consult with a dermatologist. However, there are two methods that suggest themselves suffering from rosacea.

1) Lotions with a decoction of lime blossom: brewed with boiling water a tablespoon of Linden flower and infuse for an hour, then a cotton pad moistened in the infusion and is applied to the inflamed area of the skin. Linden blossom is particularly good at helping people with oily skin because it contains tannins and reduces oiliness. It also allows you to soothe the skin, relieve the person from the burning sensation that often occurs in rosacea.

2) Gel troksevazin (troxerutin) is a tool that is used for varicose veins. In rosacea it can be applied 2 times a day on inflamed areas of the face, the gel acts on the vessels that suffer with rosacea.

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