The basics of Thai massage

Today, when every second person is subjected to constant stress, whether at work, at home or outside, people will use any method to relax. This is why Thai massage has gained popularity.

Основы тайского массажа

It is many times more useful and more efficient than traditional variations, as in Thai massage, except the massage and relaxing movements, the client need to take any stand from yoga, amplifying the effect of such a procedure. Thai massage has borrowed a lot from ancient Chinese medicine, which is the oldest on the planet.

Massage, combined with yoga, is designed to improve the spiritual conditions of man to give the desired energy balance. There is a perception that all mental and physical difficulties are caused by imbalances in the body, if the energy of the river the channels are moving correctly.

To correct channel and direct energy in the right direction, massage therapists try to shape specific points of the human body.

One interesting quality of Thai massage is that the body, except the feet, closed the robe and the therapist does not touch intimate places. The retortion is the effect on the critical points located on the fingers and toes of man.

The length of the session, the client determines independently.

Such massage is very interesting to watch, the movements in it are smooth, well-developed, slow, and rhythmic touch.

Massage begins with the lower limbs and ends with head. This method is an excellent way to relax, and the internal energy comes in order. The procedure completes by mussirovanie of the face, whereby his expression and appearance acquire original appearance, quite unspoiled grave experiences.

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