What to do if your ear is exposed to water

If water got into the ear, it’s pretty unpleasant phenomenon, because there is a desire to get rid of the moisture, the ear begins to itch and can be negative consequences.

Voda popala v yho

It should be noted that in many cases the concern is justified. How can you get rid of water that got in your ear?

  • Tilt your head so the ear into which gets wet, is shown at the bottom. Jump in this position on one leg. Such water movements are likely to emanate from the ear.
  • You can give water an opportunity to leave the ear. To do this, put his head to the side so that the injured party was at the bottom.
  • Attach the palm to the ear, which is exposed to water. Lean to the side, where it is necessary to remove the moisture and firmly attach the hand to the hearing hole to create pressure, and get her off sharply. The palm in this case will perform the role of pump that will get rid of the water.
  • Take a dry towel and wipe the ear. Take a deep breath and tightly hold the nostrils with the hand. Then, gently exhale, not revealing a mouth. This method will help to push water out of the ear by the air flow.

If you have not previously suffered from diseases related to the ears, it is most likely water trapped in the ear canal, will not bring you unpleasant consequences. If you have had problems in this area, it is possible complications. In the case of simple, but effective ways, the above has not helped you, consult your doctor.

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