Intimate nuisance: thrush

To be happy, a woman must take care of your health. As all body systems must be normal and «female» health needs to be maintained at altitude. It is very frustrating when such minor diseases as dysbiosis of the vagina, cause a lot of inconvenience.

Молочница - интимная неприятность

The vagina has its own flora, and when she is broken – reduces the number of lactobacilli, which are being replaced by pathogenic microorganisms. They have a negative impact on local wellbeing and shared.


Frequent causes of thrush is taking antibiotics on the background of low immunity. It might be surgery and diseases of the genitourinary system, disorders of level of hormones, failure of the menstrual cycle, diseases of the digestive tract. Indirectly affect the microflora of the vagina, use of tampons, pads (irritate the mucous membrane). Underwear women needed to wear only natural fabrics that there is free access of oxygen. Also need a healthy diet – in any case not to forget about the consumption of fermented milk products.


The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, in simple terms, thrush, quite unpleasant. Since cheesy discharge and smell «rotten fish» and ending with itching and burning. You may also receive a feeling of full bladder and discomfort during sexual intercourse with your partner.

The disease can take place virtually asymptomatic. In such cases, the diagnosis is mainly put on during a pelvic examination. To confirm the diagnosis do smear microscopy or culture inoculation. Treatment is prescribed only after verification of acid-base balance of the medium.


To get rid of thrush, you must go through 2 stages of treatment. The removal of pathogenic microorganisms antimicrobial drugs is the first thing you should pay attention to both doctor and patient. Another important factor in the recovery of lactobacilli for normal microflora.

Drugs for the treatment of best to combine. For example, to take pills with antimicrobial action and simultaneously put an antifungal antiseptic and candles, such as «Pimafuzin», «Hexicon», etc.


To maintain «women’s health» in health is necessary two times a year to make an appointment with a gynecologist.

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