How to activate developer mode on your smartphone

As a rule, the new smartphone menu engineer or developer locked. After activating the developer menu open 37 new features that allow the owner greater flexibility to manage the settings of your device. Enable engineer mode on LENOVO S860 is very simple.

Как активировать режим разработчика на смартфоне

1. To access the developer mode go to settings of your device.

2. At the bottom scroll to «About phone».

3. Next, select «version Information».

4. Tap the «build Number» 7 times. 5 after clicking you will see a notification about the remaining number of taps to activate the engineering menu. With 7 clicking a message appears about enabling access engineer.

5. Menu «For developers» is now active.

You will have access to 37 new items control your phone. Some of the most useful and clear commands include the following functions.

A useful function «USB Debugging». This command should be enabled when you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer to transfer files, install applications and view system logs.

Interesting «Show you». The screen will display the point in places you press on the screen.

«Emulation additional screens» displays on the phone screen with another screen that duplicates the main. The size of the screen and the location the user clicks.

On the phone’s display screen, you can display the current CPU usage with the command «Show CPU usage».

If you don’t know how the new settings, better or what not to touch. It would be reasonable to hold this mode is inactive. So better engineer mode to disable, and activate only when absolutely necessary.

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