How to manage the source of supply PST-3202 network

Measuring equipment often has a connection to a COM port. This allows you to remotely take readings or adjust equipment settings. Let’s connect over the network to the multimeter via the serial port server, MOXA NPort, model 5650I-8-DT, which is often used in various enterprises.

Источник питания PST-3202

You will need

  • — the power supply PST-3202;
  • server serial ports, for example, MOXA NPort 5650;
  • — the Ethernet network cable;
  • cable DB9F-DB9F;
  • — a personal computer.


1. The server serial ports MOXA NPort has several COM-ports for connecting devices on the serial bus and a few Ethernet ports to connect servers to the network.
It needs to be connected via Ethernet to the network and you must know the IP address of the device. The address is displayed on the LCD screen on the front panel.

Сервер последовательных портов MOXA NPort 5650i-8-DT

2. Let us first define the serial port settings to which you are going to connect the power source. Connect to a LAN server MOXA and connect to it via the web interface. Go in through any browser by IP address in the server control panel MOXA. In the settings, will open section Serial Settings, select the desired port and set its settings.

3. To control the power source on the network will use the serial port to which it is connected as a TCP server. To do this through the web interface, go to section Operation Settings , and select for this port mode of operation TCP Server.

4. Now connect to the COM port of the source of supply PST-3202 or other equipment you want to remotely control. This power supply understands the language very simple commands that we will send him over the network. For example, to assume a predetermined voltage in channel 2, you need to send to COM port power supply command CHAN2:VOLT ?, and to set a voltage of 5.2 V at its output, will provide the team CHAN2:VOLT 5.2.
To control the power source will need any client program that can connect to TCP server and send commands over the network. You can write the client yourself or use any ready software.

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