How to retire from «the Periscope» (Periscope)

The opportunity to remove themselves from the «Periscope» or Periscope, one of the most popular applications for smartphones for online broadcasts, there is, contrary to popular negative opinion. The procedure for removal is different as it offered to do other programs and requires a bit of patience.

Есть способы удалиться из Перископа


1. Before retiring from «the Periscope», please note your username in this application. If you registered via phone, respectively, your username will be your room, and if an e – mail full address. A separate button to delete the account in Periscope, no, and the procedure shall be made by applying to the administration.

2. Go to your email server or any email client and create a new email. The line receiver type the email address for support Periscope – In the subject line type Delete My Account. The letter itself should include your exact username in the «Periscope», that is, e-mail or mobile phone number in international format. Do not add any extra phrases and don’t ask administration to remove your profile at Periscope faster, otherwise the letter may be rejected. Once everything is ready, then complete the sending.

3. At the present time to delete the profile in the «Periscope» is not yet possible. Will have to wait some time until your application will not be reviewed by the application and processed manually. It may take from one day to several weeks. If after an extended period of response, try to send the same letter again, making sure that providing personal data.

4. To understand that you managed to retire from «the Periscope», can in fact, as we will continue to open the application. If it will request a login and password, but not to respond, then delete your profile has been successfully completed. Please note that to register again, your old login will not work, and in the future when the desire to return to this newest social network, you will need to specify a different name.

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