How to make a smartphone run faster

Smartphones often spoil nerves to the owners that begin to slow down at the most inopportune moment. Anyway, these are small computers, and thus, for them are characteristic in principle the same problems. Solutions are also similar in many ways — most likely, if the phone lags, need to stop it overloading.

Как заставить смартфон работать быстрее


1. Remove unnecessary apps. The memory of your smartphone is not unlimited, perhaps the free space is over, and it can not affect the speed of work. Statistics show that one hundred percent of smartphone owners installed the app, which they launched once, not interested, but do not remove, because it is simple laziness. Over time, these programs can accumulate a lot. The same applies to files — music, videos, photos and so on.

2. There are apps that run in the background, creating the load for the machine. How they at the moment do you need? If not, turn them off and they will not «eat» your RAM and battery. This is done quite simply — go to application Manager, select the tab «all». On this list full list of programs, and you can see that not all of them can be removed, but only those that have been set by the user. But some programs can be forced to stop. Don’t be afraid to disable unnecessary programs that are necessary for the correct operation of the system cannot be deactivated.

3. Clear the cache of your applications. For example, the loaded page for mobile browsers, which can accumulate quite a lot. The cache tends to accumulate gradually and imperceptibly, so many do not give it any importance, yet over time it can take large amount of memory.

4. Remove «live Wallpaper» and animation, use less widgets. When your smartphone needs to update information in real time or to play in the movement, its resources are loaded stronger. To get rid of the widget easier — hold down on the screen and hold until it «sticks» to the finger, and then dragged to the trash. Disable animation in settings.

5. It might help to update. Problems with speed of operation of the device are solved by downloading a new version of the operating system and various add-ons for her. Check if you available updates, do not ignore them, email me.

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