How to transfer money to another phone number

Today service money transfer to another number call on all major carriers. And you can transfer money not only on the account of the subscriber within the network but also the number of the third-party operator.

переводить деньги на другой номер

You will need

  • mobile phone;
  • — the recipient’s phone number.


1. The MTS for transfer can use the option «Direct transfer» or «Easy payment». Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

2. The service «Direct transfer» allows to make both regular and one-time transfers. One-time replenishment is R. 7 is Particularly advantageous for this method of regular transfers, as 7 R. paid in a lump sum when you add phone numbers to the list of recipients.

3. For single transfer dial *112*the number of the person receiving the money*amount (up to 300 p.)#. Then you will receive an SMS with a verification code.

4. For regular transfers from the MTS send the command *114*mobile number of the recipient*frequency of payment*amount (1,2 or 3)#call button. You can set the following payment frequency: daily (value — 1), weekly (2) monthly (3).

5. In the service MTS «Easy payment» there are four ways to transfer: using an app for mobile devices, the SIM card menu, portal *115# or by SMS. You can also use the translation service on the official website of MTS.

6. Transfer money from Beeline within the network due to an option called «Mobile transfer». Dial the USSD command *145*9ХХ-XXX-XX-XX*100#. In this case 9ХХХХХХХХХ – phone receiver, 100 — amount of transfer (up to 300 p.). Remains confirm the payment via the command *145*verification code#. A day you can make up to 5 transactions.

7. Mobile payment allows you to transfer funds from the Beeline to the balance of another operator. It is implemented on the official website of Beeline in section «Mobile payment-Payment for Mobile communication». Here you can translate up to 5 thousand rubles

8. Use the service to transfer money from Beeline via SMS. Send to a special number 7878 SMS with the number, with a space — amount.

9. To transfer funds from the account of a Megaphone dialing *133*amount*number of recipient#. It is possible to transfer the amount within a 500-R.

10. To send money with Megaphone send to the short number 3116 SMS «9ХХХХХХХХ 100». The first number is the destination number, and 100 is the amount of the transfer.

11. To send money to another number by filling the form on the website of MegaFon. It is located in the section «Transfer of funds».

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