The simplest ways to use the remnants of Wallpaper for a child’s room decoration

Do not throw pieces of Wallpaper left over from repairs. Even small portions can provide a unique decoration for any room, but especially interesting this decor will look in the nursery.

Простейшие способы применить остатки обоев для отделки детской комнаты

Previously I already wrote how cool you can decorate a room with remnants of Wallpaper. Accents or decor of the interior, made of large or small pieces of Wallpaper, make the room truly unique. Now, let us consider the simplest ideas for the decoration of the room by a small child or teenager.

How to decorate the remnants of Wallpaper the baby’s room?

The most simple and effective idea to make wall decals from patterned Wallpaper. Depending on your imagination, skills and abilities, stickers can be of different shapes. If you are not different artistic skills, cut out the silhouette of the house and stick it on the wall in the play area of the room.

Как украсить остатками обоев комнату ребенка

Well, where is the bed or table of the child, glue the silhouette of a tree and decorate it with leaves, the simplest form of. This tree will look especially appropriate if you purchased the watch «the cuckoo». Also in the wall where the silhouette of a tree, you can drive the hooks for clothes, to hang the locker for small items in the form of a birdhouse, etc.

Как украсить остатками обоев комнату ребенка

Very well will look and silhouettes of animals. Pick up such images on one topic (animals of the Savannah or the middle band, for example) and place them between the silhouettes of the trees.

How to decorate the remnants of Wallpaper Teens room?

For a teenager will approach more serious topics. Cut together with a child of Wallpapers of different color and pattern silhouettes of countries and stick them on the wall in the form of a large card. Let your child complement this work with images of the most famous museums, or animal, will note the capitals… This work will allow him to better remember the lessons of geography, history, literature, physics…

Как украсить остатками обоев комнату ребенка

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