Arab style in landscape design

This unique style, also called Moorish or Muslim, has developed in the Middle ages in areas where the population consisted mainly of Muslims. It combines the luxury of subtropical greenery, elegantly spicy aromas of flowers and fruits, cool and fresh water.

арабский стиль в ландшафтном дизайне

Landscape designers and simple gardeners will be useful to learn how to draw a garden in Arabic style, so he had to think about eternal matters and brought repose in the midday heat.

A garden in the Moorish style — the principles of composition

1) the basis of the plan are clear, straight rails, dividing the space into squares. It can be as tracks and channels with water.

2) the Islamic garden must be rectangular shape and be symmetrical relative to the longitudinal axis on which is located the main gate, always beautifully decorated with intricate patterns. Starts from the gate, stone wall, surrounding the area around the perimeter.

3) the Center of the whole composition should serve as a water element (fountain, pond) or a light pavilion. Here converge all the main routes or streams of water, dividing the area into segments.

4) Plants are planted in a strict order, usually along the rails (tracks or channels).

5) the Most effective form must be brought from the center to the periphery. Each term necessarily ends with a gate or arched design.

6) To decorate the alleys, typically used for paving with the inclusion of mosaic ornaments.

7) For the area located on the slope, are used in the layout of terraces, the upper of which is designed to always women.

How to choose the right plant for the Moorish garden

Muslim garden can not exist without trees, including the obligatory fruit, giving shade, necessary in southern climates, and juicy, flavorful fruit for guests.

Decorate and enliven the space a variety of flowering shrubs. And, above all, delightfully fragrant roses of all possible colors: purple, ash pink, ochre, pale lemon. Well, if the smell of roses will complement the flavors of spice plants.

What bodies of water needed on the site?

Islamic gardens in landscape design implies the existence of a mandatory attribute is water, which refreshes and invigorates. In addition, she is a symbol of Paradise for Muslims. Water is always present in different forms such as fountains and pools, channels and ponds, multi-level spillovers and waterfalls.

The edges of the ponds were faced with marble, mosaics or glass.

The fountains are run by special canons. They are easy jet, never decorated with images of animals or people, as this is forbidden by religion.

In the evening water bodies will look more impressive if you equip them with special lighting.

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