How to find out what withdraw money from your phone

Mobile phone users often face high costs for cell phone service. You can read that to withdraw money from your number, one of several available methods.

Деньги с телефона могут снимать за использование платных услуг


1. Call the support center of your operator to find out what withdraw money from your phone. Room to communicate with the specialist for MTS — 8 800 250 0890 for subscribers of Beeline– 8 800 700 0611 and users Megaphone — 8 800 550 05 00. You can learn more about the connected paid services and subscriptions, selecting the appropriate item in the voice menu or by asking an operator, waiting for a connection with him. Usually large sums of money removed from the phone if the caller randomly draws the paid newsletter subscription of any Internet resource. In this case, the specialist support center will help you figure out why from your phone to withdraw money, and disable unnecessary options.

2. Take advantage of the personal Cabinet on the website of your mobile operator. Read the sections «My services» and «My subscriptions» to find out, are you connected to unnecessary paid services. Here you can unsubscribe from the relevant services. In addition, ask for itemized bill with your number in the appropriate section of the personal Cabinet. In some cases large amounts of money are deducted from the subscriber’s account because of frequent calls or send messages to foreign countries, long daily conversations, and perform other actions within your tariff. If you are not satisfied with high costs, change your tariff, opening the appropriate section.

3. Contact your mobile operator your mobile operator to find out what withdraw money from your phone. The specialists will check your room and provide a list of connected paid services. At your request they can also disable any of them on the spot.

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