How to choose a hard drive for Smart TV

Modern Smart TV devices from LG and Samsung have great potential to watch movies and TV shows in high quality. But not everyone knows that the ether in a Smart TV you can pause. You need to use an external drive. The bigger the size, the longer you can record your favorite TV series or program. This article describes the main points of choosing an external hard drive.

Как выбрать жёсткий диск для Смарт ТВ


1. Form factor external drive for Smart TV — the less the better. Choose a model of size 2.5 inches. They take up less space. Some manufacturers bundle their hard drive for Smart TV special basket made of plastic which can be attached behind the TV to VESA wall mount. The figure shows how the solution looks in the performance of the Freecom Mobile Drive Sq TV. If you have a 3.5 inch model, it can also be used, but will have to put on the shelf for a Smart TV.

2. The interface is USB only! Modern Smart TV is designed for the connection of external devices via USB, so that problems with the connection does not occur. An external drive is defined as a regular flash drive, only very big. Do not use too long cable to connect the HDD to a Smart TV. The drive receives power via USB wire, and long wire, the voltage may fall. So when the cable length is 2 meters or more, the power drive may be required from an external source.

3. Size — at least 250-500 GB. This will last for dozens of hours recording. The larger size is an unjustified waste of money, although the cost per GB is falling year after year. So 1 TB and more are now cheaper than the 500 GB last year.

4. Speed does not matter, it will still be limited bandwidth of USB. According to experts, in practice, it rarely reaches 30 MB/s. interface And even laptop slow 5400 revolutions per second, HDD is able to provide 80-100 MB/s. Buy external SSD for smart TV Samsung or LG are also not justified. For the same reason — the speed limitation of USB.

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