What characteristics are important when choosing an mp3 player?

Today buying an mp3 player is quite an ordinary event. Available thing this will be a wonderful companion for a jog or on a long trip, however, if you notice a detailed description of any external model.

Как выбрать mp3-плеер?

What you should consider in order to choose mp3 player?

First and foremost — why you need one. The most feature-rich models can not only play music, but will allow you to view videos, photos, read books, listen to your favorite radio stations.

For any model is also important the amount of internal memory. As with the stick, the bigger the better — the more content (music, video, pictures and text) you can save in the player.

However, the more «advanced» model you like, the more it functions, and built-in memory, so it is more expensive, so after listing the most important functions of the player, decide the budget. Remember that the mp3 player should not so expensive that it would be a pity to lose it, accidentally break it. Most cheap players don’t have a screen, and memory to about 4 GB, or not at all (for their work need memory card).

So, if you need an companion for Jogging or walking, then discuss inexpensive models without a screen and with a small amount of memory that can only play music or tune in to popular radio channels. If you spend much time in the way, perhaps a better choice would be the more expensive model, which will further and read a book, watch a movie, play built-in games. In this situation, useful if player not only has a large amount of memory, but also knows how to work with memory cards. Business people are also interesting models with microphone (with possibility to dictate came up with the idea).

What to look for when choosing a mp3 player?

Under otherwise equal options, choose the player with headphones, case. This set will give you the opportunity not to spend time and money to choose these items.

Helpful hint: when buying be sure to check the operation of the mp3 player, sound quality. In the presence of incomplete sets, errors in the work or in case if the player scuffed, scratched, look different instance or model of the player.

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