How to remove the subtitles in KMP player

Currently the development of technology, more and more people prefer to spend my free time in watching movies in good quality. But sometimes for the lovers of cinema there is a problem of interference of the subtitles during playback image. However, a few simple manipulations we can solve the problem.

Как убрать субтитры в КМР player

Almost every user of personal computer features the famous KMP player — player that allows to play many different video formats. This program is very easy to use, and therefore loved by the moviegoers. Among other features of the player ND should be especially pay attention to the options to disable subtitles.

Just some some users like to watch movies in their original language with Russian subtitles. The majority try to look for films in which the subtitles are missing. But sometimes it’s hard to find a picture in good quality without obtrusive lines under the text. In KMP player subtitles can be removed in several ways, and each of them is quite simple and available for every PC user.

So, the first way to disable the subtitles in KMP player: you need to press alt+X. To re-enable the line, you press the same keys again. The user can easily change the subtitle size: alt+F1 (increase font) alt+F2 (decrease font).

Another way to disable subtitles player in CMR is as follows. You must click with the right button of the mouse on the screen, the window that POPs up select «settings» and then «subtitles». Then uncheck the «show subtitles».

There is another way to remove the subtitles in KMP player. Via the F2 key to enter the player setup menu, then «filters» and put a check next to «disable subtitle loader».

Also be aware that sometimes the subtitles are hardcoded, thus making the image itself. In this case, remove the subtitles listed methods is impossible.

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