How to do a selfie and not die

Selfie at least once did almost every owner of the camera. This type of photo has become especially popular with the proliferation of mobile devices. Over time, life looked all bored now users are trying to surprise them with unusual angles. This occasionally leads to injuries and even fatalities. What precautions should be observed in order to take a picture of yourself and thus stay alive and healthy?

Как сделать селфи и не умереть


1. Don’t need to do a selfie while driving a moving vehicle. On the road you are required maximum vigilance and concentration, and even talking on the phone without a headset is an official offence. What can we say about photo that can distract you from driving!

2. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in his memo safe selfe warns against photographing yourself on the train tracks. In the office bring a real case: a teenager from the Ryazan region wanted to take a picture on the railroad and got caught on a power line. From the shock he fell off the bridge and died.

3. You cannot do a selfie with a real gun. All in the same memo, the interior Ministry said about a young Muscovite, who accidentally shot herself in the head from a traumatic pistol, trying to make a spectacular shot.

4. It is dangerous to do a selfie on the roof of the house, on the edge of the bridge, on the balcony. Many people like to be photographed in these places, slightly leaning over the railing, in the background was more beautiful panorama. From time to time this turns to fall.

5. You should not do selfies with other people’s dogs, especially if you’re using a camera with flash. The animal may be frightened and pounce on the photographer, misinterpret his intentions. The same applies to some exotic animals as well as horses and cows.

6. Universal rule: when taking selfies, be careful, taking a step back so as not to fall into the pit and not trip about anything.

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