Sew the flowers

This self-made postcard will be a nice addition to the gift. It is important to note that the design of its universal and suitable for congratulations almost any occasion, including and 8 March, 23 February, birthday.

Шьем открытку с цветами своими руками

To make this postcard with your own hands, you will need: colored paper a little (at the request of a newspaper or a piece of a map, also suitable for scrapbooking paper), a narrow green satin ribbon, scraps of colored tissue, thin dense cardboard for the base, thread, glue.


1. Cut cardboard based cards. It can be any size, it depends on the number of flowers that will be placed on top.

2. For each flower cut out circles from coloured paper and fabric. The size of the circles should be different, to create the impression of bulk flowers.

By the way, when creating postcards do not have to use fabric, if you have paper with different original patterns.

3. Mark with a pencil the location of the flowers on the card.

4. Glue satin ribbon segments, which will represent the flower stems, and small pieces of ribbon to mimic leaves. Please note that the tips of the leaves adjacent to the stem, needs to be glued under the stem.

5. On the upper part of the stem, attach the large circles. Then put the rest of the circles and stitch them on the sewing machine, as shown in the photo below.

Шьем открытку с цветами своими руками

6. Slightly bend sewed the circles to create the impression of volume.

This card already, you can sign and give, but to make it more neat, attach a rectangle of cardboard with colors on the canvas to cards in the form of books.

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