Card with surround heart

This card is quite simple to manufacture, but requires great precision and accuracy.

Объемная открытка с объемным сердцем

To create this pop up card you will need a solid colored paper, a model of the knife (scalpel sharp), ruler, pencil.

The order of execution of work:

1. Consider the pattern cards. Bright dark yellow lines showing the site of the incision, light gray — bends. If you are not confident in their abilities, print the picture and use the printouts practice the actions.

Объемная открытка с объемным сердцем

2. On colored paper in pencil of proposed incision sites and bends the same way as in the pattern. You should be careful to draw lightly so you can erase pencil marks.

Объемная открытка с объемным сердцем

3. A scalpel or model knife make incisions in accordance with the scheme. Where there should be bends, slide the edge of a ruler (or nepisodes a ballpoint pen) to bend the paper was easier.

4. Carefully fold the paper where indicated on the pattern, so that a plane in the shape of a heart lifted above the bottom of the postcard.

Card almost ready. Now you can write warm wishes and gift, and can be supplemented as follows. Glue a card out of colored paper in the basis of thin white cardboard. Then on the outside of the finished card, it can also help to decorate — paint or do applique, for example.

By the way, this greeting card heart can be put in the shopping card of a suitable size.

Useful tip: optionally, change the size of your postcard. This can be easily done in any graphics editor.

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