How to make a postcard from cardboard and fabric on Valentine’s Day

Is coming Valentine’s Day. You might have prepared a gift loved one. But what about cards? Here’s a cute card you can create with their hands beautiful from scraps of fabric. And what made hands of any man, doubly enjoyable.

Открытка на День Св. Валентина


1. To start draw a beautiful heart on thick paper and cut out. This will be the template. Now take a nice piece of cloth, turn it upside down on the wrong side of the template and fasten with pins. Carefully cut the fabric heart template. In the same way make a template of the leaf and cut it two pieces of fabric of green color.

2. Now cut out a white paper rectangle. This will be the background, where we will strengthen our «heart flower». Side of the rectangle execute scalloped scissors. Lightly grease glue a fabric heart and leaves and glue them to the white rectangle. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

3. Dressed in a sewing machine the thread of the right color, set the longest stitch and stitch along the edge of a heart, receding about 4 mm from the edge.

4. Then stitch vertically down from the base of the heart. This will be the stem. And now you can stitch the leaves starting from the tip to the stem. Thread no short cut. Leave tails to tie a knot on the back to secure. Also secure all with tape.

5. Now of colored cardboard actually do the card. Gently bend it in half. This can be done using a long line. On the front side of the card glue the white rectangle with the finished «heart flower». The rectangle should be slightly smaller than the card.

6. Our postcard is ready. It remains to write in her message to heart and put in a nice envelope.

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