How to make a keychain-heart

Original keychain in the form of two halves of one heart will be unforgettable and stylish gift that will help to unite loving hearts.

Как сделать брелок-сердце

You will need

  • — polymer clay Craft&Clay red, black, cherry color;
  • — acrylic rolling pin;
  • — a set of cutters;
  • — set of privateers;
  • — rubber stamps «Flowering», «Gear»;
  • — knife for artwork.


1. Plastic red mix with cherry, cherry with black. Should have two pieces, one slightly darker than the other. The plastic is soft and easy to work.

2. Knead each piece and roll out with a thickness of about 3 mm acrylic rolling pin or pasta machine. Rubber stamp with flower motif-put a light layer and roll with a rolling pin so that the pattern is well imprinted on the clay.

3. Pick up a cutter in the shape of a heart the right size. After each work it is necessary to wipe the stamps with a damp cloth to avoid staining the new product remnants of the old plastics.

4. Ha stamp with gears place more dark cherry laminate layer and also the rolling pin. Get a visible imprint. Also, prints can be supplied and ornamental metal gears.

5. Cut out using cutter (using plastic wrap) heart from each layer. Heart cut in half with a knife with a wavy blade.

6. Half hearts add up print out. The knife put the nozzle in the form of a spatula and smoothen the edges. If necessary, correct knife wavy edge.

7. Pick up eye shadow (preferably a pearl) or metallic pigments and stonerose halves of the hearts on two sides of the very top of the relief.

8. Take an awl or toothpick small neat holes, so you can insert them in the connecting rings. Send half of a heart bake in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 120°C.

9. After cooling the product cover with high gloss varnish. Each half is attach connecting rings, chains and then rings keychain.

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