Two cards with little hearts

Unique, stunning card you can make with your own hands is very simple, if the right idea out of many possible. Let’s see how it’s very easy to make a postcard with hearts.

как сделать две открытки с маленькими сердечками

Let’s not focus on the holiday, which looked into our country relatively recently (Valentine’s Day), since we have plenty of holidays, including and similar. Just make a postcard that will help to tell about the sympathy or love of the giver.

1. A large heart decorated with small hearts

This homemade card, decorated with small hearts would look very nice. In order to do that you will need, glue, thread, white cardboard for the base and white and red thin cardboard or felt for the small hearts.

The order of execution of work:

— White cardboard cut out a big heart. This will be the base cards.

— On the edge of the cards make a neat straight line on the sewing machine with red thread or sew manually, seam «forward a needle».

White and red cardboard (or felt) cut into small hearts (it is more convenient to make a special shaped hole punch, however, can and scissors).

— Glue the small hearts on the basis of the cards randomly.

Now you can write your wishes and give a postcard.

2. Traditional card with small hearts

In this embodiment, the base cards — the usual rectangular form, on which you will need to print (on a color printer) suitable inscription or a picture. You can also buy a ready-made postcard.

Cut 3-4 small hearts (same or different size) and stick it on a card something like the one in the photo below.

Две открытки с маленькими сердечками - как сделать

On the reverse side write comments and give.

Helpful hint: Stick small hearts only a drop of glue to create the effect of pop up cards.

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