As morale on losing weight

It turns out that psychologically correct and positive attitude helps to lose calories and keep in shape. Gastronomic study psychology and begin to lose weight right now!

Как морально настроиться на похудение

The main rule of reason approach to his diet

Have fun with food. It makes no sense to give up my favorite unhealthy food, if you are not ready. Even if mastered, you will be eating a salad instead of fried potatoes, most likely, the potatoes at the end wins. You should want to eat healthy food and not to torture yourself daily torments over a plate of soup.

Eat when really hungry. The most common cause of excess weight is that people for some reason eats more than his body required. To avoid this, keep a nutrition plan. 10 days write down everything you eat, at what time and under what conditions. So you find out the reasons, on which was eaten the extra portion, and learn to deal with them or avoid them.

Do not pass up sweet. It is better if you want to eat a piece of chocolate, than to endure and suffer a week and then eat the whole tile already and tormented by remorse. Or you can eat something sweet, but healthy — dried fruit or a little honey.

Choose what you like. Before you eat think about what you really want in the moment, and don’t eat that first comes to hand. Because then you may find that you like something else and so you have to eat this.

Tip: don’t weigh yourself too often, once a week is enough. And remember, it’s not about how much you weigh and how you look.

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