Sill turns…

It is difficult to find an apartment with an area which would be happy with the average owner. Someone does not have enough space in the kitchen, someone another room… Where in the apartment to find a little more space? One answer to this question is in the area of the sill.

Подоконник превращается...

Indeed, very often we ignore the space of the sill, using his potential is literally 5-10 percent. And for good reason. Let’s remember the role that the sill will be able to play with proper imagination of the owners.

Sill-a table, a windowsill-the windowsill and the wardrobe-sofa

Make a window sill wider and you can put on it pots of flowers. It will fit the printer and scanner, office supplies, therefore, the sill will replace the extra Desk in the office.

Even wider… and the window sill looks like a Desk, behind which can accommodate two pupils or one in-demand freelancer. Similarly, a wide sill-a table may be useful not only in office but also in a small kitchen.

подоконник в современной квартире: подоконник-стол, подоконник-шкаф, подоконник-диван

More broadly? And this is possible because under a window sill can be fitted with something like a rack or a Cabinet for business papers, books, useful things. Well, from above you can do something like the couch, if you put a comfortable mattress and a couple of pillows (remember, you saw pictures of beautiful houses, where the window sill equipped with a cozy sofa above the book shelves).

Helpful hint: if you installed under a window sill a radiator, you cannot close it completely. If you want to equip under the window sill of the locker, you have to make it shorter (to put a new smaller size) or if there is a place to move it to the side.

The window sill and sink

In many American movies show you the kitchen in which the sink is installed under the window. Nice to wash the dishes and watch a beautiful view, so if your kitchen allows you to make such a permutation, we can move the sink to the window by combining the window sill and countertop of the kitchen set.

подоконник в современной квартире: подоконник на кухне, подоконник под раковиной

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