How to make a shed for firewood

Storage of firewood, you need spare room or shed. Most often make a canopy next to the bath, as an addition or separate structure. Most importantly, the harmony of the shed with all the courtyard buildings.

Как сделать навес для дров

You will need

  • boards;
  • bars;
  • — cement;
  • — sand;
  • — fastening elements;
  • waterproofing material.


1. To build a shed with a columnar Foundation pegs to mark the perimeter of the structure. Align the ground level. Remove the stakes and dig the pit depth of not less than 30 centimeters. Fill the pit up to 10 centimetres of sand and pour the water, the sand sank. Put on the sand mesh and pour concrete solution. Install Foundation blocks – this will be the basis of drovnitsy.

2. Make from tying boards on the protruding blocks. Use to connect the bars of the latch system to attach the elements by screws. Just attach and upright. Between the bars and the blocks of the Foundation sheet waterproofing material.

3. Before the construction of the roof attach the top wooden rail. It will install the truss system. Make the crate edged Board. The sheathing panel plywood. Drovnitsy of the roof can be sheathed with shingles. But it is better to make it from that material that all the buildings in the yard.

4. Consider the ventilation of the shed, so the wood stayed dry. This wooden floor should have gaps between the boards. The side walls of the canopy can be done decorative. To do this, fasten the lattice panel. Or just panel boards, placing them at an angle.

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