The main advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplace for the house

Cold in the winter so I want to sit with a Cup of hot tea near the stove or fireplace in which a fire is burning cosily. But not every house or apartment is possible to install a real fireplace. What to do in this case?

Электрический камин для дома: основные достоинства и недостатки

The installation of this fireplace or furnace in a private house or a city apartment is an expensive and complex undertaking. However, if you dream of a fireplace, not necessarily to rebuild almost half of the house. Enough to buy an electric fireplace.

So, the main advantages of electric fireplaces are:

1. Outdoor electric fireplace does not require any special installation and connection. The only thing to do with most of the models — to get the fireplace out of the box and plug into the socket. However wstawiamy fireplaces (wall niche) will have to do some preparation.

2. Beautiful electric fireplace simulates a real flame in the fireplace. The more expensive models, you can enable the sound of the flame that comes out of the light smoke (its water vapor depicts). They also allow to configure and view the flame with the remote control.

3. Models available in different sizes and styles, from compact outdoor «stoves» and corner fireplaces for small rooms, fireplaces that can be hung on the wall, up to large models in the portal carved from wood, artificial stone, marble, etc.

Электрический камин для дома: основные достоинства и недостатки

4. All electric fireplaces and stoves integrated electric heater. This function can be used without the inclusion of imitation flame.

5. Security. The electric fire, if the wiring is done efficiently, can be installed even in the nursery.

The main disadvantage of electric fireplaces can be considered «gluttonous» — electric power to operate most models of fireplaces require much. In addition, the disadvantage of these fireplaces, I think their higher price.

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