In this step-by-step on how to fix the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error when booting Windows 10 in different situations — after you reset the system, update the BIOS, connect another hard disk or SSD (or migrating from one OS to another disk), changes in the structure of partitions on the disk and in other situations. There is a very similar error: blue screen indicating error NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM, it can be solved the same way.

Will start with the first thing you should check and try in this situation, before trying to fix other ways: disable all additional storage (including memory cards and flash drives) from the computer and also make sure your system drive is first in line boot in BIOS or UEFI (UEFI and this can be not even the first hard disk, and point Windows Boot Manager) and try to restart the computer.

Also, if you have something connected, cleaned or did this kind of actions inside your PC or laptop, be sure to check all connections of hard disk drives and SSD to power supply and SATA interfaces, sometimes also can help reconnect the drive to another SATA port.

INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE after resetting Windows 10 or install the updates

One of relatively easy to fix options error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE after Windows 10 is reset to its original state or after installing system updates.

In this case, you can try a fairly simple solution — on the screen «the Computer is running correctly», which usually appears after the message with the specified text after the collection of information about the error, click «advanced settings».

After that, select «Search and Troubleshooting» — «download Options» and click «Restart». As a result, the computer will restart with the proposal to start the computer in different ways, point 4, by pressing F4 (or 4) — Safe mode Windows 10.

After the computer restarts in safe mode. Just again restart it via start — shutdown — Restart. In the event of a problem it often helps.

Also in the advanced options in the recovery environment there is the item «startup repair» — an amazing way to Windows 10, he sometimes manages to solve problems with loading even in relatively difficult situations. A must try if the previous option did not help.

Windows 10 has stopped running after updating the BIOS or power failure

Next, common version of a Windows start error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE 10 — fail settings BIOS (UEFI) relevant to the mode of SATA drives. In particular, often display when power failures or after updating the BIOS, as well as in cases when you have the battery on the motherboard (which leads to accidental reset).

If you have reason to believe that this was the cause of the problem, go into the BIOS (see How to enter BIOS and UEFI Windows 10) on your computer or laptop and in the settings section for SATA devices, try to change the mode of operation: if there is installed the IDE, enable AHCI and Vice versa. After that save BIOS settings and restart the computer.

The CD was damaged or changed the partition structure on your disk

By itself, the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error says that the Windows 10 boot loader not found or not able to access the device (disk) to the system. This can occur due to file system errors or physical disk problems, and also due to the rearrangement of sections (i.e. for example, if you somehow broke the disk when the installed system with Acronis or something else).

And in that and in other case, you should boot into the Windows recovery environment 10. If you have the ability to run «advanced settings» after the screen with the error, open these settings (this is the recovery environment).

If this is not possible, use the recovery disc or bootable USB flash drive (drive) with Windows 10 to launch the recovery environment with them (if there are none, you can make them on another computer: boot USB Windows 10). Details on how to use the installation drive to start the recovery environment: recovery Drive Windows 10.

In the recovery environment, go to «Search and troubleshoot» — «advanced settings» — «Command prompt». The next step is to find out the drive letter of the system partition, which at this stage is likely to be not C. To do this in the command prompt, type:

  • diskpart
  • list volume after running this command, note the volume Name Windows, this is we need the partition letter. Also worth remembering the name of the partition with the boot loader — the system reserved (or EFI partition), it still is useful. In my example, we’ll use drive C: and E:, respectively, you can have other letters.
  • exit

Now, if you suspect that the disk has been corrupted, run chkdsk C: /r (where C is the drive letter of your system disk, which may be different) press Enter and wait for it to complete (can take a long time). If errors are found, they will be corrected automatically.

The next version — in case you assume that the error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE can be caused by your actions in creating and modifying disk partitions. In this situation, use the command bcdboot.exe C:Windows /s E: (where C is the partition with Windows, which we defined earlier and E is the partition with the boot loader).

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After you run the command try restarting your computer again in normal mode.

If no way to fix INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE does not help

If none of the described methods did not help to fix and Windows 10 still does not start, at this time can only recommend to reinstall the system or reset by using an installation stick or disk. To reset, in this case, use the following path:

  • Boot from a CD or flash drive of Windows 10 that contains the same OS version that you have installed (see How to put the loading stick in BIOS).
  • After the language selection screen of the installation, the screen with the «Install» button bottom left, select «system Restore».
  • After the recovery environment loads, click «Troubleshooting guide» — «to Return the computer to its original state».
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Read more about reset Windows 10.

Unfortunately, in the event that when looking at this error is causing the problem with the hard drive or partitions on it, when you try to roll back the system with data persistence, you can report that you can’t do that, only with removing them.

If the data on the hard disk is critical for you, it is advisable to take care of their safety, for example by rewriting somewhere (if sections are available) on another computer or by booting from a Live medium (for example: Start Windows 10 from a flash drive without installation on your computer).

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