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There are a wide variety of free and paid programs for remote computer access and management. Recently I wrote about one of these programs, the advantage of which was the maximum simplicity for novice users — AeroAdmin. This time we will talk about another free tool for remote computer access — Remote Utilities.

To call the program a simple Remote Utilities will not work, also there is no Russian interface language, and the operating systems are only supported in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

But instead of simplicity the tool offers many opportunities, among which:

  • Free manage up to 10 computers, including for commercial purposes.
  • The possibility of portable use.
  • Access via RDP (not via a proprietary Protocol) on the Internet, including routers and with dynamic IP.
  • A wide range of remote control and connect: manage and view only, terminal (command line), file transfer and chat (text, voice, video), recording the remote screen, the remote registry connection, power management, remote start programs, print, remote, remote camera access, support Wake On LAN.

Thus, in Remote Utilities implemented practically exhaustive set of actions for remote control that may be needed and useful not only to connect to others ‘ computers to provide assistance, but also to work with their own devices or administer a small fleet of computers. Additionally, on the official website of the program, there are iOS and Android apps for remote computer access.

Use Remote Utilities for remote management of computers

Below is not a step by step guide with all the features of remote connections that can be implemented using Remote Utilities, but rather a brief demonstration that can interest the program and its functions.

Remote Utilities is available in the following modules

  • The Host for installation on the computer to which you want to connect at any time.
  • Viewer — the client part to install on the computer from which you will connect. Available also in portable version.
  • Agent — similar to single-Host connections to a remote computer (e.g., to help).
  • Remote Utilities Sever — module for the organization’s own servers Remote Utilities, and support of, for example, in a local network (not considered here).

All modules are available for download on the official page (for some files there are positives VirusTotal, in particular, from Kaspersky. Something really malicious about them, the program detected by antivirus engines as remote administration tools that in theory can pose a risk). About obtaining the free license programs for use in managing up to 10 computers— the last paragraph of this article.

During installation of modules some features are not present, except for the Host I recommend to enable the integration with Windows firewall. After the launch Remote Utilities Host will be asked to create a username and password for connections to the current computer, and then displays the ID of the computer that you want to use for the connection.

On the computer that will remotely control, install the Remote Utilities Viewer, click «New Connection», specify the ID of the remote computer (when implementing the connection will also be prompted for a password).

When you connect via Remote Desktop Protocol in addition to ID will also be required to enter Windows credentials, as for a normal connection (also in the program settings you can save this data to automatically connect in the future). I.e. ID is only used to implement fast connection setup RDP via the Internet.

Once connected, the remote computers are added to «address book» from which at any moment you can implement your own type of remote connection. The idea of an accessible list of such connections can be obtained from the screenshot below.

The opportunities that I had to try, successfully working without any complaints, so, although not studied very closely, I can say that it is efficient, and the functionality is more than sufficient. So, if you need quite a powerful remote administration tool, I recommend to look at Remote Utilities, maybe that’s what you needed.

In conclusion: immediately after installing the Remote Utilities Viewer has a trial license for 30 days. For unlimited in duration free license click on the tab «Help» in the program menu, click «Get License Key for free», and in the next window, click «Get Free License», fill the Name and email address to activate the program.

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