What are anchor links and betancuria

To information hosted on WEB pages, is well perceived, has attracted the attention of the visitor, and, ultimately, prompted him to certain actions – purchases, orders and so forth, there are a lot of techniques. Most of them aimed at the site visitor more quickly, as stated in one click. This information can be obtained from another page of the same website, external resource or right on the same page, «point the finger». This possibility is implemented programmatically, using the so-called «anchor» and «bazantarnia» links.

Что такое анкорная и безанкорная ссылки

What is the «anchor» link

Anchor link is designed to facilitate finding information within a single WEB page. To illustrate this action in the following example: you are on the page says that this product is available to buy at a certain store, but the sales point address is written at the bottom of the page. An impatient visitor may not want to read all the info and get the address of the store immediately. For the realization of his desires, the word «shop» should be done using the tag A reference anchor, and beside the addresses in the page code to put «Ancora» (anchor).


It is implemented so:

  • In attributes of the tag that holds the address of the store write his «name»: name=»address1″.
  • That word, with which you propose to send the visitor to the url is a link with a special url: href=”#address1”.

Of course, the word «store» means to have CSS highlight color, font size or type.


Using bazantarnia links you can implement a quick switch to the top of the page, not to force the visitor to use the scroll bar. Reference can be made not only text but also picture, if you enclose the tag with img tag inside of A

Betancuria or hyperlink

Often visitor for more information need to send to another page in the website or even on third party resource. Get him to type in the browser address bar a full point since http:// will likely to lose the visitor. Therefore, in the text of the page select a word, the appropriate meaning for the beginning of the transition. For example: «further information can be found Here«. The word that is appropriate for a transition is a link and is allocated by means of CSS.


Implemented bezankornaya link all the same tag And, but the address is written or href full, beginning with http:// or relative (reduced) www.адрес recursion file.


When the device is within the text of hyperlinks you should pay attention to this attribute of the tag as a target. If you do not specify, the default browser will open the following page in the same window and the visitor will be lost to you. Therefore, always specify the target of the link is target=”_blank”. In this case the visitor only added one more open tab in browser and it will always get back to you «in one click».

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