Toys — safety first!

The modern market of gaming products for children is full of diversity. And in such numbers very difficult to track the safety of the product purchased. How to protect your child from danger?

Детские игрушки - безопасность прежде всего!

Stick to the recommended age of the child indicated on the label. If this information is missing, please disregard this instance. For toddlers up to 3 years no need to buy huge toys that he and lift something you can’t, like this soft one can easily to pin down. Choose a model that pipsqueak will be able to raise holding his. Toys should not have sharp, spiky angles, and ropes longer than 0.2 m.

Pay attention to filler toys. For the youngest kids, who love pulling in the mouth is contraindicated toys filled with small plastic balls. It is better to choose toys with polyester fiber guts, they are more durable and safe. Whatever the filling of the toys, all the joints must be reliable and efficiently implemented.

Better if the color palette of soft toys for kids will be dominated by pastel colors. For older children you can buy and brighter models, but it doesn’t have to be some freaks poisonous flowers.

Pile length should not be more than 4 cm, the fur should not crumble. Of course, more than a furry toy you select, the more often it will be cleaned, because it will gather a lot of dust.

The paint should also be of high quality if the colors toy hand – it will be dangerous for the baby. Make sure there is no unpleasant chemical smell.

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