Problems in the family during pregnancy

For men and women the expectation of the child – a kaleidoscope of emotions. Someone is experiencing joy, and someone encounters problems in the relationship. What could cause these problems?

Беременность и отношения


During pregnancy women changes in hormonal levels, resulting in the change of psycho-emotional background: irritability, mood swings, the appearance whims. Man it’s hard to understand such changes, because it is never experienced, and will not be able to experience. Because of this conflicts arise, the solution of which leads to a more global family issues.

To resolve this problem is not so difficult: you need to spend more time talking with your partner (both men and women), to share their joys and experiences.

Poor health

In the period of carrying a child a woman experiences a number of physical and physiological changes: weight gain, metamorphoses of the body, edema, increased urine output, problems with emptying, etc. In his time, a man changes himself does not feel, therefore, the vagaries and some of the experiences of women incomprehensible.

Solution: more indulgent treat the experiences of women, support it.

The lack of intimacy

Everyone knows that during pregnancy not only the condition of the woman, but her figure is changing: someone gaining 10 kg during the entire pregnancy, and someone all of 30! The woman believes that she is less sexy and desirable for their men during pregnancy, so experiencing discomfort during sex. At the same time, many men believe that sex may harm the unborn baby (which, of course, untrue), because of what the woman may consider themselves unattractive to their partner.

Solution: words of love and compliments his woman will help to eliminate worries about changes that have occurred in the period of carrying a baby. Consultation with a doctor about sex during pregnancy.

Participation in the preparation for the birth of only one spouse

For anybody not a secret that in preparation for birth, as a rule, deals only with the expectant mother. What is included in training? Buy clothes, furniture, health products, as well as, most importantly, a visit to a gynecologist. Even at such moments a woman needs to feel the support of the future father, who can look at many things in a different light, to calm and reassure his wife.

Solution: the participation of men in all the preparations for the appearance of the newborn.

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