How to organize a romantic scavenger hunt for your spouse

In recent times it has become popular to participate in all sorts of quests. Try to make a romantic scavenger hunt for your spouse.

Как организовать романтический квест для своей половинки

With the help of modern technology you can arrange an unforgettable date. For this you need to download apps from Google, like Uber or GetTaxi, WhatsApp or Hangouts, Translator, YouTube.

Develop route

For romance of the future need to develop a route and the number of points. For example, this figure may coincide with a significant date for you (date of introduction, number of years together). The number of points should not be more than 7. And the duration of the quest is not over one and a half hours. Try to ensure the distance between the points took 15-20 minutes.

Choose a place to start

You need to make a video where you invite your spouse out on a date. Upload it on YouTube. To be available only to your loved one(Oh), install privacy settings. To do this, check the «Enable the link». Your message might look like this: «Today you will be an interesting date, and I suggest will embark on an unusual journey. In it you will meet different orders, with whom you are certainly going to fail.» At the end of the video ask your partner to send a message in WhatsApp messenger or Hangouts or text : «For you to the ends of the earth!».

The first task

It’s time to give the job. As soon as your spouse accept the call, send the message: Now you will go where I(you) have professed your love (where he met, etc). Taxi will be here in 15 minutes, it’s time to get ready.

This can be a cafe, ice rink, cinema. For the control of each stage you will need the app Uber and Get Taxi. Through him, call a taxi, specify the address of a start and final destination. The fare will be deducted from your card when your izbrannik(CA) get to the cafe. Once order your taxi immediately contact the driver and warn him to not called the destination address.

Love it… just tell 親愛的

To trip your spouse is not bored, are sent to the next task. Need to translate sentences from an unfamiliar language. For this you need the Google Translator.

Offer to check e-mail, where already waiting for task: «Decipher the hieroglyph: 親愛的. Hint — open the app, select interpreter Chinese (traditional) language. Click «microphone» and with the help of voice control: say «AINI». Waiting for a response SMS».

Answer: I love you

Even if the first attempt does not succeed, then you will still make a partner smile.

The destination

Your spouse arrived at the destination. If this cafe, we invite the other to eat. Pre-arrange with the waiter so he gave a bouquet of flowers with a note: «how was your mood? If you like everything out of the café and came to my happy self».

Digital technology

On the streets it is difficult to use benchmarks in the form of posters with inscriptions. We will help the Google.

It will be able to make a route and conduct an interview.

Her next assignment: «I miss you (ve)! And while you’re finding your gift, solve several tasks. This will help you your smartphone. Follow my instructions and send the correct answers. Activate the app: «OK Google».

Invite the partner to make a route to the next waypoint.


1. Ask the application: «How many seconds in 3 hours».

Answer: 10800 seconds

Your answer: «many, Many seconds I missed you today.»

2. Ask the app to show quokka. Send me a screenshot.

Your answer: «When you smile, you look just like this.»

4. When Sigismund of Luxembourg born?

Answer: February 14, 1398 years

Your answer: «for a long time! He couldn’t even imagine that in 648 years, I will say that I love you on his birthday. I have been waiting for(uh). Waiting for you my love.»

The final

Your spouse passed all the tests and waiting for her romantic ending. Prepare a surprise — as an example huge bouquet. And then go to a symbolic place for lovers «Monument to love» at the Hermitage Garden (in each city’s own attractions). Believe me, this romantic adventure will be enjoyed by your loved one.

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