Age difference: how to flirt with a Mature man

A romantic relationship with a Mature man can be a Union, a marriage or to remain a fleeting romance. But they always start with flirting, which largely depends on how to develop the love story in the future. What are the specifics of flirting with a man.

Возрастная разница: как флиртовать со зрелым мужчиной

A Mature man often becomes the object of «hunting» and flirting for ladies of different ages. Adult women are attracted by the stability, financial viability and the low probability of cheating. Young women attracted to the wisdom, Forbearance, rich life experience and material wealth, which most men reach maturity. Besides the man «in his Prime» as a rule, gentle and experienced lover who knows a lot about the pleasures.

However, to conquer such men is not easy. They value freedom, often shrewd, distrustful and suspicious («she just wants my money, house, social status…» and so on). Like charming Mature man?

Become a life companion Mature men, oddly enough, the woman «middle-aged» much more than a young person. In matters of common life the man lived, and more trusts «hlebnuvshey grief» partner than a young seductress. The age difference scares a man, and there are a variety of reasons. Reason for many fears: he is afraid of cheating, insincere relations, material claims and the difference in the worldview, fears of sexual failure in bed, deceit and betrayal by a young pretender to the role of a life partner.

Essential for a Mature man in a relationship is intellectual companionship. This does not mean that the aspirant for the role of life partner must be at least a PhD. But the ability to be an interesting interlocutor and a good Outlook would be an advantage, and flirt with an intelligent «note», light mystery, a little mystique, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor — will dramatically increase the chances.

A huge minus in the eyes of adult men may be the habit of arguing about everything. The credibility of words spoken by man is one of those qualities in a woman that is able to subdue most men’s hearts.

Harm may be harsh criticism, excessive moodiness, temper, obsession with her appearance and other advantages, as well as attempts to manipulate a man by using conditions. Adult men do not like endless bargaining for the favor of women, believing that it takes time, nerves and reduces the mood.

Generally, if the woman in the relationship from the beginning claim to exclusive attention to his person — the man may be disappointed, as to lose a sense of independence and freedom in the first women’s demand nobody wants. Insisting on their demands and fulfilling the conditions, exerting psychological pressure or arranging hysterics, the young woman is likely to remain «in their interests». Older men young women forgive much, but emotional discomfort in a relationship can ruin any charm, and very fast.

A Mature man is not afraid to take responsibility for relations with pleasure will participate in problem solving potential partner, especially if he sees a future together and long-term. So do not try to look in his eyes a kind of super-independent young lady. On the contrary, light vulnerability only draws him, and the opportunity to help any woman improve their self-esteem. So do not neglect it, it brings. While no help can disappoint him and to sow doubts about his own usefulness in any relationship.

A very delicate subject — the physiology of sexual relations. Not yet blooming sensuality of the young woman at first easy in harmony with the sexuality of Mature men. He is in a hurry, the partner devotes more time (in contrast to the hypersexual peers), not having a partner with excessive demands, but his experience only reinforces harmony in physical proximity. However, when you decide to marry a man considerably older than his partner, it is impossible not to take into account the difference in sexual appetites. In such marriage there is a possibility of disharmony in the future, when sexual desire in men begin to fade away, and the woman will be «in the Prime» of sensuality. Of course, this problem may not be so severe, but be prepared for its solution should be both.

Nor should we overestimate the importance of sexual attraction in relationship with an adult, experienced man. Don’t forget, between young men and Mature man held the huge difference in the mindset. Mature partner does not tempt sexual challenge, unlike young men, these men are not so susceptible to uninhibited behavior and open flirting. Demonstration of sensuality will not produce the desired effect, if not to the place. To get experienced man in bed this way is not difficult, but future relations will most likely be futile from the point of view of a full-fledged Union and marriage.

Flirting with a Mature man should be directed to full communion and obtaining trust each other, rather than a simple physiological seduction. Then the relationship will be deep and strong, and the marriage is stable..

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