How to increase lifespan of laptop

Laptops have become part of our life so that many people can not imagine without it a single day of his life. But it needs careful care, without which it can quickly break down. What you need to do to make the laptop last longer?

Как увеличить срок службы ноутбука


Charging the laptop, first connect the charger and then to the mains. You should not connect to networks with unstable voltage or use rectifiers. Regardless of your laptop battery capacity drops, because all the lithium batteries. Therefore they need to charge not at 100 percent, it adversely affects the battery.

It is desirable to charge at 40% and stop charging at 80. Fully charge need only twice a month, for calibration. Not to overheat and not to overcool your pet battery, normal working temperature is within+5 to +45 degrees. If in the cold street with the laptop was entered into the premises, you must give him time (about 20 minutes) to adapt.

Dust pollution

The dust that sits on the outside of the laptop visible, and can be wiped. Inside it is not visible, and she was there too and getting into the cooling system leading to overheating. If the clearance is not made at least once in six months, that some parts of the laptop can be irredeemably damaged.

The ingress of moisture

In no event it is impossible to prevent ingress of moisture on the laptop. But if a small amount of liquid was spilled, you should immediately turn off the power, pull the battery, and the keyboard wipe clean with a dry cloth, then flip the laptop keys down and let it dry, and in any case not dry it with Hairdryer. But if you get the leaked liquid in large volume, it is better to wipe as much as possible and take to a service center.

Hard drive

If there is a failure of the hard drive, it will make the laptop not only a useless piece of plastic, but also lead to data loss. In order not to lose your files, you need to make copies of everything. And preventing the laptop from vibration and shaking, minimizes the likelihood of breakage.


The most fragile element in a laptop is the display, and strong physical impact it will be damaged. So transport it is necessary only in closed form, in your pocket or special bag. Before closing to pick up all that lies on the bottom (pen, stick) so that when the collapse does not break the display. To clean it use a special fluid for LCD monitors.


Cables and connectors are damaged if a sharp pull or hook 3G modem, charger cable, network cable, or if not noticing the stick, tilt the laptop. Such actions can lead not only to damage the connectors, but also to the fall of the laptop.

SSD drives

Installing a SSD can be achieved not only the best health of a laptop, but also to increase safety. The drive produces less heat. Another advantage of the SSD that when you drop the laptop, the probability of damage is much less due to the lack of moving parts in it.

The laptop, used

If the laptop has already worked a considerable period of time, it becomes visibly falls as the speed of its performance. To facilitate his life, just install Linux, which requires far less resources to work, which means that the laptop will become more productive.


The main difference between the keyboard of a stationary PC to a laptop, in that it is the first construction does not depend on the unit, and the second they are United into one. Replacing the keyboard is expensive. And to avoid this you need to follow simple rules — no Smoking, no drinking and not eating for a laptop.

Summing up the results

Favorite laptop to last a long time, we must not forget that he likes neither cold, nor heat, avoid moisture, not to succumb to the vibrations, not sitting at a laptop, be careful and attentive.

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