What to buy with a laptop?

Buy laptop today — an ordinary case. Without a laptop, a desktop computer or even tablet modern man no longer can or wants to do. But purchase smart technique entails additional costs for the device connected to the PC.

Что покупать с ноутбуком?

What to buy at the same time with a laptop to use it was comfortable, but not spend too much money on useless things?

Before you break a check on the number of «useful» additions to the laptop, think about what conditions and why you will use it. Maybe you need it on a trip or wanting to put his house in order was used by all members of your extended family? In each case the answers will be different.

So, most often for laptop recommend to buy:

  • Mouse. Indeed, mouse most of us use is easier than the touchpad.
  • Full-sized keyboard. Really need it if you plan to collect a lot of texts. Otherwise you can do without it. By the way, also the keyboard may need to computer games and to control the character easier, press the button on the keyboard.
  • The bar of extra memory. On many laptops there is an idle connector to install the strips of RAM. Use them to increase the amount of RAM on PC and, therefore, to expedite its work.
  • The cooling stand. In my opinion this is not such a necessity. If the laptop is not put on the bed or a soft thick cloth, and not be allowed to be in the room where he’s standing, it was dusty, then the PC will not overheat and additional cooling is not required.
  • Column. Also not a very useful option. I advise you to buy speakers only for those who need quality sound or insufficient volume who built-in speakers.
  • Stick or external hard drive. If you need to be able to take the necessary information electronically to a trip, it is roomy enough store for her — a useful acquisition.
  • Different «utility», podkluchenie via the USB port. In the store you can find a variety of «toys» that are more or less useful, which is run from the USB port of a PC. Card readers are small light bulbs, fans, manipulasi, ashtrays, etc. Not to say that they’re useless, but without them you can easily do.

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