How to clean the system unit from dust

Lately you have noticed that the system became very hot. What is the reason, if it is not dangerous and how to cope with the problem.

Как почистить системник от пыли

If the system unit has started to heat up, it is, in principle, is not dangerous. The reason the heating system unit can be simple: it is time to clean from dust. Dust accumulating inside the unit, preventing proper cooling of the parts, which may subsequently cause their failure. Will help clean the inside of your computer regular vacuum cleaner.

How to clean the system unit from dust at home with a vacuum cleaner.

First of all, turn off the computer, pulled the plug. Disconnect the system unit. Remove from sistemnika the cover. See how much dust inside! First remove the main impurities with a cotton swab. For these purposes it is convenient also to use an old toothbrush. With the help of the hair you just brush away dust from computers.

When the main visible dirt is gone, proceed to a more thorough cleaning. Detachable RAM and graphics card. Smetem dust with a broad brush (you can use a brush for painting). Turn on the vacuum cleaner and remove the dust with it. Clean the motherboard and then the cooler. As a rule, they accumulate the largest amount of dust.

The General cleaning of the system unit is finished. You can connect wires and turn on the computer. To overheat and make noise unit system will be no more.

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