How can I test the Internet through the command line

Checking Internet connection using command prompt is quite a simple action, which even an ordinary, not very literate users.

Как проверить работоспособность интернета через командную строку

If you are interested in does not open the page of the site is not working or some program to transfer data via the Internet, an online game, it is important to independently verify the presence of the Internet connection, not to spend money on calling a specialist. This can be done in different ways, but the simplest and most error-free I think using the command line.

To call the command line in Windows is very simple. Enough on the menu «start» select «Run» and enter cmd in Latin letters. A window will open, in which you can enter the necessary commands.

After the invitation C:WindowsSistem32> I need to write ping and the website address or the computer, the connection with which to check, press the Enter button. Example enter the command: ping Also you can not write the website address in the usual manner, but directly the ip address of the computer or website (it looks like a set of numbers like this —

For reference: ping — program which sends to the specified address the package, and then gets it back. By the way, in the program operation, in addition to other information, you can see the ip address of the website, if you have written his address in a familiar form. For example, the ip address of the website —

The result of these actions will be the response time of the website or computer. The smaller, the better. Please note, that if you have a high speed connection ping to such famous sites as, and the like, must be quite small (around 10-20 ms). You can also see that to correct address «not getting through», that is, a timeout is exceeded or the address was not found. This happens for two reasons. First, ping the address of not available (not working or blocking requests). Secondly, the dns server is unavailable (does not work). To solve the first problem it is impossible from the user, the second can be solved by using public dns servers of Yandex or Google. If the problem is not reached, you should contact the provider.

Useful tip: on the speed of the Internet can influence the viruses that you accidentally or deliberately set on your computer. Check by an antivirus program before you call the provider!

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