Tip 1: How to remove fat from your inner thigh

The thigh is one of the problematic areas of the female figure. In this place most quickly accumulates subcutaneous fat. In order to get rid of fat on inner thighs, you need to give time to sports and nutrition.

Как убрать жир с внутренней части бедра


1. You must learn that to achieve slender hips, sitting on a diet is not possible. Be sure to combine exercise with proper nutrition.

2. Go on a low calorie food. Exclude flour, sweet and fried, or try to use such products as sparingly as possible. Drink more water, this contributes to greater efficiency in the dieting.

3. Lead an active lifestyle, do not spend all your time at the table or on the couch, you need to move more. Doesn’t have to be Jogging, you can just start to walk and not ride. The main thing that the muscles were always in good shape, especially the femur.

4. Generally, to remove fat from your inner thighs will help only special exercises aimed at the problem area. These exercises will not take more than 20 minutes a day, and the effect from them will be enormous.

5. Before starting the exercises, warm up your muscles. You can jump rope, do 15 squats or jog. After warming up, begin the struggle for the beauty of your thighs.

6. Stand before the chair, hands stick on his back and legs make the strokes. Exercise, though simple, but useful. For complication, bend the leg at the knee and continue beating. Repeat for each leg 15 times.

7. Next, lie on your back, focusing on the elbows. Bend your legs at the knees, and then spread the legs out to the sides. Take your time and ensure quality. Repeat the exercise 20 times. Turn over onto your side, top leg bend at the knee and place the front of the knee of the other leg. Now, make the strokes of the lower leg. Lift the leg as high as you can.

8. All physical exercises should be done every day, then you will achieve the desired result.

9. For fat loss wraps helpful. This procedure can be done in salon or at home. To do this, take the honey and brush all over the problem area thighs, and the top wrap with cling film. Such sweet therapy can be performed during the night and in the morning rinse with warm water.

10. To give your inner thigh smart appearance will help all the methods, but in the complex. Try to observe diet and exercise, but not overdo it. Because the result depends on the quality, not the quantity of your exercises.

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