Tip 1: How to remove male belly fat and sides

Beautiful male figure implies the presence of abs and strong muscles without excess fat. But, unfortunately, the drawbacks like too large of a belly and fat folds on the sides are not so rare. To get rid of them, however, you have to exert a lot of effort and perseverance. Proper nutrition and a gym membership is the best helper in this case.

Как мужчине убрать жир с живота и боков

You will need

  • — rod;
  • — gymnastic bench;
  • — the horizontal bar or wall bars.


1. Change the power mode. To get rid of excess fat, you will have to abandon the usual high-calorie dishes. Remove from the diet pastries, fatty foods, fast food, snacks, beer. Instead of salads with mayonnaise, smoked delicacies and sausages eat fresh and steamed vegetables, poultry without skin, lean pork and beef. Boost your daily dose of protein is on the menu include cottage cheese, eggs, fresh milk.

2. Increase daily physical activity. To unwanted fats burned as quickly as possible, do some cardio workouts. This can be Jogging, training on a treadmill or rowing machine. Exercise three to four times a week. In this mode you are able to achieve the result – will remove excess fat and tighten the skin.

3. A better option is twisting on an inclined gymnastics bench. Excellent acting and lifting the legs in vis on the gym wall. Exercises do 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

4. Obliques and latissimus dorsi exercises will strengthen with the swivel housing. It is better to perform also in vis on the crossbar. Lift the leg bent at the knees, and alternately rotate the left and right. Perform 8-10 times and repeat twice complex.

5. Quickly strengthen the abs and exercises with the weights. Choose the post optimal weight. Take the neck on shoulders, keep back straight. Rotate body to the side, straining the abdominal muscles. Your feet slightly apart and perform deep barbell bench press. Lift the neck on the chest and do slow squats. Each exercise repeat 10 to 20 times in two divided doses with the mandatory rest in between.

6. For optimal load strength training is recommended three times a week. All exercises are performed slowly, with tension and press the rest between sets. After a couple weeks you will notice the first results, and in a month your abs and sides will look much better.

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