Constipation in the elderly: treatment with drugs, diet and folk remedies

Most people believe that the colon needs emptying once a day. Each person features individual organism. Normal stool frequency is considered when the bowel movement is from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. If the patient does not fit into these boundaries, then we can speak about violations in work of digestive system. Treatment of constipation is required only for those experiencing discomfort. Learn why and how the disease is diagnosed.


Causes of constipation in the elderly

The older generation of this delicate problem occurs more often than younger people. The main causes of constipation and defecation disorders in old age are:

  1. Physiological changes in the body. There is a weakening of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, worsening motility that leads to constipation.
  2. Changing the intestinal environment. Lose beneficial properties of intestinal microorganisms.
  3. Occur constipation medicinal origin.
  4. Appear fecal stones in the large intestine. This complication from constant constipation. The problem may even lead to obstruction of feces.


How to treat constipation in the elderly

For starters, to help your body for constipation, the pensioner should start with changes in my life. Due to age, it is hard to enforce, but some recommendations may be performed, even if the patient is recumbent. For the treatment of disorders of the large intestine in people of retirement age are invited to observe a special diet. Constipation «cancel» exercise, unless prohibited by the attending physician. It is important to keep drinking regime and apply methods of prevention of this disease.



Giant role in the fight against this disease is adherence to diet menus. Necessary diet for constipation in the elderly:

  1. You need to enter into the diet of a lot of dietary fiber. To eat in a day against constipation stands up to a pound of vegetables and fruit. This should be done gradually, otherwise the intestine is not accustomed to such a load, may give pain.
  2. There are many foods that contain fiber: raw vegetables, fruit, cereal.
  3. To include in your diet dried fruits: prunes, raisins, dried apricots. You can eat them alone or chop in a blender or grinder. Here optional add flax seeds, honey, ginger root, grapefruit flesh, struggling with constipation better than drugs.
  4. Be sure to use black and bread with added bran, cereals, dairy products.
  5. It is recommended to eliminate sources of constipation – beans, cabbage, Apple, and grape juices. Under the ban – all products that slow digestion and cause putrefaction and fermentation in the intestines.
  6. You need to stick to a regular fractional power, there are at least 5-6 times a day, to avoid large time gaps between meals.
  7. When cooking, you should prefer recipes where the food is stewed, steamed, boiled. No need to grind too much food – this leads to constipation.



Correct drinking regime

Dehydration, lack of adequate fluid in the body can cause problems with bowel movements – constipation. In the absence of contraindications (kidney problems, heart, hypertension) should be adequate drinking regime – drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. This is necessary to avoid drying of feces, otherwise the dehydration will make their exit on the intestines and cause constipation.

Shown as receiving ordinary purified drinking water and mineral, sometimes even heated. Recommended Essentuki № 4 and № 17, «Baturinskaya», «Slavyanovskaya» mineral and other drinks. Better if the water will be vital. Useful against constipation juices and dairy products. To liquids do not include:

  • carbonated beverages;
  • coffee;
  • alcohol.


The use of laxatives

How to choose efficient and effective laxative agentthat they were safe? For constipation use a variety of means for emptying of the large intestine, do not cause habituation, facilitating emergency evacuation of the intestine. Before buying it is recommended to consult a doctor so that was matched the right drug. Medications for constipation are divided by the nature of their impact on the funds:

  1. Osmotic action. Softens stool by holding water, which contributes to immediate defecation. These include salt drugs: magnesium hydroxide and sodium citrate, carlsbad salt and other.
  2. Irritating action. Laxatives, suppositories from constipation for the elderly are the components of medicinal plants. The candle consists of synthetic substances: izafenin, phenolphthalein.
  3. Prebiotics laxatives. Their action is to stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora.
  4. Prebiotics fillers. With persistent constipation shows a drug containing cellulose and natural or synthetic carbohydrate. This medicine is a strong laxative quick action.


Medicinal and cleansing enemas

For acute constipation are assigned an enema. It is an effective laxative in the home, but refers to emergency assistance. Often to do enema is not necessary, it can be fraught with dysbacteriosis and stretching of the abdominal wall. Enema is contraindicated with any bleeding, inflammations, cardiac insufficient, in the first days after surgery. The main types of enemas:

  • Cleaning: to help the bowel enemas may be given with boiled cooled water or decoction of chamomile.
  • Medicinal: anal injected drugs. Do you make it through 20-40 minutes after cleansing. The medication is heated prior use until the temperature of the body to improve the absorption of the drug.

If you decide to take an enema, get help someone. The place where you will carry out the procedure, cover with an oilcloth. To avoid injury of the anus, and the tip mug Esmarch, should be lubricated with vaseline. Pour the prepared solution in the enema. The patient should lie on your left side, bend the knees. Pour the contents of the mug slowly. After the procedure, try to bide your time before going to the toilet.


Self-massage of the abdomen

To alleviate the condition of constipation in the elderly will help self-massage of the abdomen. It needs to be done in the morning immediately after waking up. Right hand drive on the right side from the abdomen to the ribs. Then the left hand in the opposite direction on the other side. Repeat this cycle against constipation within a few minutes. Then stand up and go about your business. Soon should appear the urge to evacuate the bowel. If not, do these exercises if you suffer from constipation, the next morning.


Regular physical activity

It is extremely important to keep physical activity to reduce constipation in the elderly. Need, health, a lot of walking, swim in the ponds, ride a bike, to ski is to use all feasible types of physical activity. Physical activity will strengthen abdominal muscles, stimulate bowel activity, improve tone of the whole organism.

Plus, there are special complexes of exercises that will help get rid of constipation. These exercises are simple, they do not require special physical training. These include:

  • the slopes of the body in different directions;
  • riding on the «bike» lying;
  • circular motion on the body;
  • bending the legs at the knees while standing and lying down;
  • exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Effective folk remedies for constipation

In order to effectively deal with this delicate problem, there are a number of effective folk remedies.

  1. Herbs can be drunk separately or in the composition of the herbs. Proven effectiveness for centuries Senna leaf, buckthorn bark, rhubarb root, licorice, fennel, sorrel, the leaves of the agave.
  2. The following combination of ingredients will help to quickly pass the stool bowel: fresh cucumbers or herring with milk; crushed and soaked in boiling water wheat bran; seeds of fennel, caraway, anise, burdock; untreated oats.
  3. Alcohol tincture from the berries of mountain ash.


Methods of prevention

It is desirable to use not only drugs. There are prevention methods to this problem, as constipation in the elderly, disturbed as little as possible. This strengthening of the nervous system: its condition affects the bowel movement. You need to pay attention to constipation existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Often requires a comprehensive approach:

  • to do self-massage;
  • move as much as possible;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • eating fruits and vegetables.


Video: how to deal with chronic constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, then be sure to watch this video. In it you will learn about the benefits of bile to the intestine, about how much fiber you need to consume to benefit your body. Find out should the food be raw or thermally processed. Leading the movie tells about what kind of water should be consumed for constipation. In addition, you will receive a lot of other useful and effective tips to this trouble in the past.


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