Credit card with bad credit history without failure: how to register

Financial institutions willingly give out at interest small sums of money. The standard plastic card simple layman is not difficult and does not take much time. However, if the lending history of the borrower have late payments, get a credit card will be much more difficult. Do such dishonest borrower at all? How to apply for credit card with bad credit history?


Can I get a credit card with bad credit history

Will it be possible to get money with bad credit history? The procedure for obtaining such a «plastic» will be much more labor-intensive and time-consuming, but it’s real. You need to keep in mind a number of nuances and peculiarities. When applying for a loan the information is sent to the credit bureaus. The test shows all the detailed information about all the loans the person. Some banks are willing to issue the loan with an insignificant delay in payment, much worse, if the proceedings were or are current existing loans.


How to get a loan with bad credit history on the card

What exactly can you do to get the coveted Bank card you have? Should:


  • To contact the banking institution that charges you a salary. This financial institution will be a safety cushion (money received from your employer in the form of a salary). This increases the probability of clearance.
  • Apply at a major Bank in which a priority – issuing of plastic cards. Checks can not be avoided, but there is a chance that the issuance of the coveted «plastic» will take place is extremely large.
  • You can help sponsor.


Where to Deposit

In this situation the on-line application in a large number of banking institutions will be the correct strategy. Where can you try to issue a credit card without failure?

  • Tinkoff Bank. Urgently considers applications via the Internet. You can make a large sum.
  • Corn. Express application to «plastic» can be placed in one of the salons «Euroset».
  • Scoop The Pot. Often gives out money to individuals with bad history. The procedure is quick.
  • PSB. Applications for consumer loans are reviewed throughout the day.


Often the only opportunity to obtain monetary assistance for the person with the debt remains other state entities. If this is the last option you should resort to the services of these organizations and to issue micro-loans, though the interest would be substantial. The reason design is often a refinancing of the previous loan, the necessity of its payment. They can be used very quickly to improve information on bad lending history. A month after repayment of the loan the financial institution will publish this information and the rating of the borrower will increase.

Credit without reference

Perhaps one of the most popular, fast and convenient types of cash loans to consumers are loans without providing information. They differ in that for receiving the money is not required to provide any documents about the income level of the borrower, certificates pit-2. For registration of cash loans only need to show your passport. The decision is announced, usually in one day.

Instant credit card

Instant cards even with bad history give about half an hour. Some banks do not even require to visit their office and give them in the points of sales, counters in public places: shopping malls, railway stations, airports. They are issued by the passport and if you have a second document (driving licence, passport, insurance certificate, etc.). According to him there is a bonus period, which lasts about 45 days, in which the interest on the monetary loan does not accrue. Another possible advantage – free service.


How to get a credit card

Credit cards with bad history can be obtained in different ways, choose the most comfortable:

  1. Personally. The classic way is to come in person to the Bank or his representative with all necessary documents.
  2. Mail. To order a card it is possible without leaving your home via the Internet or phone with several banks. This way as the post office will allow in a relaxed home environment to explore all the features of contracts, choose the appropriate one will significantly save your time.


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