What gargle for sore throat purulent the child in the home

If the throat suddenly ached, I had difficulty swallowing and swollen lymph nodes, your unpleasant diagnosis – angina. The disease is accompanied by high fever, severe weakness of the body. Even grandmothers taught that as soon as a sore throat, you need immediate rinsing. What gargle for sore throat, to defend against the painful symptoms? The diversity of treatment allows you to choose the best remedy.


What gargle for sore throat

Each tool has its own specific substances that affect the painful area. Grass creates a calming effect, the solutions and medicines their active components eliminate the pain, stop the development of infection. Non-traditional industry even offers treatment for the treatment of tonsils using kerosene, sunflower oil.



In order to disinfect infected areas and to prevent the spread of purulent processes, using solutions prepared yourself or purchased ready. The most common:

  1. Salt, iodine and soda. How to cook? Need a glass of water, soda (1 tsp), salt (1 teaspoon) and iodine solution (5 drops). All combine and gargle with baking soda and salt to a full recovery.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. One of the most effective and easiest ways to rinse. Per Cup of clean boiled water add 2 tablespoons of peroxide, rinse is necessary on a few moments 5-7 times a day. Can you gargle hydrogen peroxide to the children? Such a gargle for the throat is allowed for younger patients, but the peroxide with water should be barely warm.
  3. «Furatsilin». Universal antiseptic sold ready-made or made yourself. The recipe is very simple: two tablets furatsilina dissolve 200 ml of water, and use an easy but effective even in advanced cases.
  4. The sea salt. Remedy (1 tsp) dissolved in a glass (200 ml) of water. Make sure that the dissolving substance has occurred fully.
  5. Apple cider vinegar. In a glass of water added a teaspoon means, rinse every hour. Even Apple cider vinegar in the solution is replaced by the infusion of Kombucha.
  6. Beet juice. Beet root has excellent anti-inflammatory effect. The juice of fresh beets mixed with regular or Apple cider vinegar. The proportions of 200 ml to 20 ml, gargle every half hour.




Official medicine recognizes tincture is useful for the treatment of cough, purulent tonsillitis, pharyngitis, respiratory catarrh, tonsillitis and other diseases. Plants suitable for infusions:

  1. Eucalyptus. If you use the infusion of alcoholized plant, add a glass of clean warm water 20 drops of liquid. Applying the leaves, fill them up in a container for cooking, pour boiling water, cover. After one hour rinse the prepared solution.
  2. Calendula. Calendula tincture is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of dried flowers or a dozen fresh pour boiling water, the capacity of cover. Leave for an hour and a half. Drain, rinse to relieve inflammation in the throat and reduce pain.



The alternation of drugs and infusions is better than just gargle for sore throat only chamomile or peroxide. Most are available for use drugs:

  1. «Miramistin». Used according to instructions three times a day, the dosage is assigned according to age: from 3 to 6 years 3 to 5 ml, from 7 to 14 – 5-7 ml over 14 years of age, the patient is prescribed 10-15 ml. the Course of treatment lasts from five to ten days.
  2. «Chlorhexidine». To rinse works best 0.05% of the drug, it does not need to breed. For one treatment will be enough for one tablespoon. Can I gargle with chlorhexidine to pregnant women? Yes, this treatment for expectant mothers is allowed.
  3. «Okie». Complete with a medicine measuring Cup for sale. Fill it to half with warm water (hot and cold is strictly prohibited), using the sprayer on the bottle, add the solution. Rinse not less than half a minute up to two times daily.
  4. «Chlorophyllin». With chlorophyllipt decrease pain, and purulent lesions spread. How to breed chlorophyllin to rinse the throat? Pharmacy liquid diluted with warm water, use up to three times a day.
  5. «Dioxidine». Used in the most severe cases of infection, when a baking soda solution to rinse the throat with herbal infusions do not help. The ampoule (1%) dissolved in a glass of water, hold the rinsing course to 5 days. It is recommended to apply three times a day.



Than natural rinse your mouth? Most natural herbs are chamomile and sage. Preparing a liquid for rinsing just a tablespoon of herbs brewed Cup of boiling water. Then cover with a lid and insist about half an hour. Then filtered and used. Sage even sold in pills that are less effective than grasses.


What is good for gargling for sore throat

Medications may not always be universal and approach absolutely everything. Selection and dosage of therapeutic drugs are based on the patient’s age, his physiological characteristics and the extent of the disease. Looking for something to gargle during pregnancy, moms-to study the information carefully, so as not to harm neither myself nor the child. What is acceptable for treatment in different cases?


At purulent quinsy

What to gargle in suppurative tonsillitis? The most effective drugs in this case are:

  • «Furatsilin»;
  • «Chlorophyllin»;
  • a solution of soda and salt;
  • iodine-saline solution;
  • rinsing with peroxide;
  • «Malawi»;
  • «Deksan»;
  • «Furazolidone»;
  • «Lugol»;
  • Sulfanilamide powder;
  • fees herbs: calendula, propolis, sage.


During pregnancy

Safe remedy for pregnant women are:

  • «Furatsilin»;
  • soda;
  • chamomile;
  • a weak solution of citric acid or lemon juice;
  • beet juice;
  • infusion of garlic;
  • the sea salt.


For children

The treatment prescribed by their doctor, should reinforce safe rinse to quickly get rid of the infection. Fluid the procedure should only be warm, but not hot or cold. What is suitable for rinsing children:

  • soda solution;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • diluted honey;
  • brewed sage or chamomile;


How many times a day can gargle

If you plan to use the medication, it is 2-3 times per day, herbal infusion or solution 5-7 times. Adults need rinsing be done correctly and often, children – up to three times a day. Swallow the means for rinsing is impossible, the mouth before rinsing thoroughly clean with a toothbrush and a floss. Do not eat after treatment so the medicine will take effect and the procedures were not useless.


Video: how to gargle

Little to find a suitable means for rinsing, it is equally important to properly do the procedure. The process of rinsing will help you to stop the development of an infectious disease, disinfect and anesthetize affected areas of your throat. Sore throat, tonsillitis, terrible cough and the inflammatory process must be removed! A specialist from the video below will introduce you to the proper method of gargling by different means.


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