Boric acid in the ear of the child: is it possible to drip, instructions for use

The antiseptic properties of this substance are known from the XIX century. The solution was applied as a disinfectant agent for a long time everywhere, until a contraindications for specific patient groups. Boric acid in the ear lay as an effective remedy for the treatment of otitis media. It has an antibacterial effect, eliminates inflammation, has a warming property. The boric acid solution for ears, when applied correctly, allows to quickly cure the patient.


Is it possible to drip in the ear boric acid

What is boric acid: it creates for fungi and bacteria unfavorable environment, disinfects the skin and mucous membranes. It is used in the treatment of dermatitis, ear inflammation, conjunctivitis. Applying the boric acid solution for ears, it is important to consider nuance. This compound through the skin rapidly enters the bloodstream, accumulates in the body. Its concentration in tissue progressively increases. From the body the substance appears long.

Boric acid in the ear of the child recommended in modern paediatric practice, but only after the appointment of the otolaryngologist. Studies have shown that even washing the outside of the ears is a danger to the child, the dosage must be carefully checked. Boric acid in the ear contraindicated in pregnancy, it can affect the development of tissues of the fetus.

In medical practice after the middle ear surgery, surgeons injected into the ear canal of the powder form of medication. Patients older than 15 years divorced, the drug is administered in the absence of damage to the eardrum. With otitis prescribe 3% alcohol composition. The rate of backfilling should not be longer than a week. Inside the vehicle is not used if its by chance for a drink, you can get poisoned.



Instructions for use in the ear boric acid

Before you treat the ears of boric acid, in addition to the medication, you need to cook and hydrogen peroxide. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution prepare for the procedure, cleanse impurities from the ear canals. Pipette to collect 5 drops of the solution drip into the ear canal, wait 10 minutes, change the position of the head, wipe with a dry cotton pad. Then drip the prepared pharmaceutical composition.


How to dissolve boric acid powder

Boric acid for the ears comes in the form of a white powder or alcohol solution. The powder from the sachet to dissolve simple: take boiled water whose temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. The proportions were as follows:

  • to obtain a 2% solution is required 5 g of powder in a glass of water;
  • to was 3% composition – take 6 grams per Cup;
  • 10% concentration obtained when diluting 100 g of the powder with one litre of water.


How to dribble

Before you dig in, the medicine is heated to body temperature. The patient lies on his side, a sick body up. Into the ear canal it is administered with a pipette 3-4 drops (more frequently used alcohol 3%). Move immediately after the procedure, the fluid is not evenly distributed. Need to lie down, preserving the original pose, 10 minutes. The remnants of the drugs wipe with a cotton swab. When my ear hurts, during the day it is buried 3 to 5 times.

Boric acid in the ear will warm the ear canal, a feeling of warmth or mild stinging after instillation is the norm. If the children and prescribe the drug, together with drops on the basis of antibiotics. When pus from ear canal this therapy is contraindicated. How to perform the procedure:

  • wash out ears with hydrogen peroxide;
  • instill 1-3 drops of solution, leaving the baby to lie on side for 10 minutes, plug the ear canal with a cotton swab for 5-10 minutes;
  • an hour later, dripping antibacterial compounds.


How to make a compress on the ear

The tool has been successfully used in the form of tampons soaked in the solution. When shooting in the ears, pain persists for several days, diagnosed with inflammatory process, make a compress on the ear. Turundas impregnated with the drug and lay not very deep, so as not to traumatize the eardrum. Compress to keep up to 3 hours, the course of treatment 5-6 days.


Video about the treatment of ear boric acid

To cure ear diseases with this drug is not so usual as in the 80-ies or 90-ies of the last century, but this method is widespread today. Theoretically, physicians warn about the dangers of the drug, its toxicity. In practice, ENT doctors recognize the way efficient and make an appointment. To know about the possible consequences of therapy, it is important to carefully choose the dose and carefully carry out the procedure. Some practical advice on the application money at home you learn from the video instruction.



Jeanne, 39 years: my mother in childhood treated ear inflammation only so that always helped. Recently I have very sore ears, I remembered about this method, was treated for three days. Managed without antibiotics. In children, this method is not tried, use special drops.

Egor, 43 years: on a Cold ski competitions, picked up the ear infection, treatment tried any drugstore drops, therapy. Inflammation is not passed. ENT advised a five-day course alcoholic composition that worked. Warms and heals.

Antonia, 34 years: Dropped her son with ear infections. The boy is 13 years old, there was a strong inflammation. The doctor prescribed this medication along with antibiotics. Don’t know what helped more, but the son quickly recovered. I was not burnt, dripping gently, respecting the dosage, as prescribed.


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