Drugs for improving immunity in children and adults: a list of the best

Thanks to a strong immune system the body is able to reflect the external negative effects, infections, infections. But to maintain this system regularly to obtain trace elements, vitamins, minerals and other important substances. Sometimes the protective system becomes vulnerable, often sick people, treatment becomes ineffective. In such moments it is advisable to use special preparations to enhance the immune system. There is a huge range of tools, purpose of which depends on the specific situation.


What drugs to take for lifting immunity

To enhance the effectiveness of the therapy, experts advise taking antiviral immune-boosting tools in addition to essential medicines or as the final stage of treatment. It is allowed to combine several types of media, in this case the dosage of each of them should be limited to a minimum. If the protection of the human body is very weak, you can hold up to four courses of medicine to enhance the immune system every year, especially during the mass disorders. The effect occurs approximately 1-2 weeks after the start of the course.


Drugs to enhance immunity to adults

If the body began to lose its resistance to diseases, the question of how to increase the immunity of an adult, sooner or later begin to worry. In pharmacies sold a large number of special tools, from what choices to make sometimes difficult. They are divided into several groups:

  • plant for prevention;
  • immunomodulatory drugs;
  • interferons in the onset of the disease;
  • antiviral;
  • funds for the thymus gland.


Immune-boosting drugs for children

The child’s body has the features that are important to consider when choosing immune-boosting drugs for children. For example, newborn babies get all they need from breast milk. After months protective the system becomes less secure, the body in this period is susceptible to various germs. The ability to synthesize immunoglobulins appears only after six years. In this connection, parents are wondering how to increase immunity of the child?


It is advisable to think about this, when the kid gets sick often, treatment is time consuming and does not give the desired effect. The issue of using drugs to enhance immunity in children must be done by the pediatrician. If the child is under three years old, we can prescribe «Grippferon» or «Laferobion». Those who are older than three years, are appointed by herbal remedies or with nucleic acids, for example, the Magnolia vine, Echinacea, «Derinat», «Immunal». In addition to medical treatment, is more walk in the fresh air with the baby and monitor his diet.


The best list of immune drugs

For many Russians, the question remains about what drugs to boost immunity. Such remedies usually contain a lot of important components that are very useful for the body. For example, lithium, zinc, selenium, natural antiseptics, vitamins for immunity. Immune choosing funds, it is important to pay attention to the content of the above substances in the composition and age of the calculated means.

Sometimes to strengthen the body’s defense system choose herbal remedies. Typically, they are produced with herbs such as cat’s claw, ginseng and others. The most popular are drugs for immunity on the basis of Echinacea, they actively interact with the body (along with the hormone), and suppressing inflammation at the initial stage of development.


Plant origin

If you want an effective and harmless way to boost your immune system, it is advisable to choose the remedy based on natural extracts. This group is suitable for prevention and comprehensive treatment, has a low number of side effects. Among the most popular are:

  • «Immunal»;
  • ginseng extract;
  • Eleutherococcus extract;
  • lemongrass extract.

The Drug «Immunal»:

  1. Ingredients: juice of the plant Echinacea purpurea, sodium, magnesium, silicon dioxide colloidal.
  2. Take 1-2 tablets daily (children aged 4-6), 2-3 pieces (6-12 years), 3-4 pieces (teenagers from 12 years and adults).
  3. The course of treatment – 14 days.



There is a group of Immunostimulants, which lies in the activity of the bacteria included in the composition. In simple terms, these tools affect the body as a vaccine: enzymes of bacteria getting inside, you start to stimulate the emergence of protective cells. Through them is the amplification of human resistance to infections. The most popular means of this group:

  • «ICS»;
  • «Imudon»;
  • «Ribomunyl»;
  • «Licopid» and others.

«Ribomunyl» tablets:

  1. In the present bacterial ribosomes, proteoglycans, magnesium, silicon, RNA.
  2. Take 3 capsules morning before food, once per day.
  3. The course is at least three weeks.


Group of interferon

Drugs in this group are particularly effective at the initial stage of the onset of acute colds. In order to prevent the interferons are not assigned, they contain active substances that affect direct on the symptoms of a developing illness. The most popular drugs to enhance immunity in this group, are:

  • «Transfer factor»;
  • «Amiksin»;
  • «Viferon»;
  • «Anaferon» and others.

Antiviral homeopathic preparation «Anaferon»:

  1. In the present antibodies, lactose, magnesium, ICC.
  2. Take one pill every half hour.
  3. The course is assigned individually. To prevent allowed to drink daily 1 tablet, not more than three consecutive months.


Biogenic stimulators

This group of drugs Dating of animal and vegetable origin. Drugs affect human organs. Used as an additional measure to restore health. They are formed in plant or animal tissues while the negative impact on the cells, therefore, can protect the human body. Components of biologically active drugs, which stimulates many important systems. They are not divided into groups, the most popular biogenic stimulators:

  • «Pheebs»;
  • «Peloidin»;
  • aloe and others.


  1. Extract in liquid form, made from the preserved leaves in a special way.
  2. Apply by injecting 1 ml (once a day) or 1 tea spoon inside (three times daily).
  3. Treatment for about one month.


Containing nucleic acid

On the basis of nucleic acids are also produced drugs to support the immune system, for example, nukleinat sodium:

  1. Comes in the form of tablets and liquid solution.
  2. The composition nukleinat sodium: calcium, starch, polyvinylpyrrolidone, beeswax, Aerosil, sugar.
  3. To take in addition to basic treatment, after food, 1-2 grams, at least 3-4 times per day.
  4. The course is prescribed individually, an average of 10 days.


The means of the thymus gland (thymus)

In the human body is responsible for immunity, the thymus gland, sometimes called the thymus or thymus. It supports the health of many systems: endocrine, immunoregulatory, lymphopoiesis. In addition, the thymus cleanses the blood and lymph, which run through it. From this it becomes clear how important it is to support the work of this body. In this pharmacy you can buy many drugs:

  • «Thymosin»;
  • «Timolin»;
  • «Timoptin»;
  • «Wilsen» and others.

«Thymosin» (Thymosin):

  1. Has an active effect on lymphocytes, increasing their number in the blood.
  2. The preparation contains polypeptides, water-soluble (extracted in animal tissue).
  3. Used injection 100 mcg, 1 time per 3-4 days. Or one tablet (0.25 mg) every 4 days.
  4. The course of treatment 30 days.


Synthetic and mixed non-specific stimulators

Another category of drugs – non-specific stimulators of the immune system of the human body. They differ in the method of operation, the receive effect, the testimony of experts. It is not recommended to buy these products without a prescription. Is to provide the pyrimidines, which have no side effects as the safest synthetic immunomodulators. The action of drugs aimed at restoration of body cells, eliminate inflammation, prevent catabolization. The most famous:

  • «Levamisole»;
  • «Pyrimidine»;
  • «Prodigiozan».


Video about medicines for improving immunity

The immune system is responsible for the normal state of homeostasis, so it is important to support its work. Special drugs, penetrating the body, distinguish between body cells and foreign antigens, eliminating the last. This prevents contamination of man by strengthening his health holistically. To get involved in drugs is not recommended, especially without a doctor’s prescription. From below video you will learn all that you are interested on drugs to maintain immunity.


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