Norm of cholesterol in blood of women after 60 years: table level by age

Every lady should care not only about the beauty of appearance, but their health. Low or high content of lipids leads to the destruction of vessels and arthritis, with the support of external unpleasant symptoms. Learn what is the normal cholesterol in women, you can protect yourself from unwanted diseases. Remember that this substance plays an important role in metabolism, build cells, function of hormones. What is cholesterol? How devastating can be the consequences of shortages or surpluses?

stroke, etc. the reasons for the deviation from the norm:

  • Poor diet. The use of TRANS fats, products in which cholesterol is in excess (pork, fish, shrimp, milk, butter, vegetable oil, egg yolk, offal).
  • Obesity. This disease is directly linked to the problems of cardio-vascular secretion.
  • Inactivity. Move more. Physical activity burn extra fat, increase the content of «good» HDL while lowering «bad».
  • Thyroid disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cystic ovaries.
  • Bad habits. Smoking reduces HDL, has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Heredity.

cholesterol diet, engage in physical activity, give up Smoking. If you follow all the recommendations in a few months the condition will improve, and the concentration of lipoproteins of high and low density is normalized.

Low rates

What caused the low cholesterol levels in the blood in women:

  • the lack of nutrients (malnutrition, anorexia);
  • liver disease, thyroid;
  • constant stress;
  • anemia.

Along with these problems, a low content of lipids causes mental disorders, increases the risk of cancer, stroke, drug dependence, dementia develops. To recognize their decline is possible only by biochemical analysis with the further decryption. If you notice a worsening of the physical condition, emotional background – immediately contact your doctor.

Video: how to lower cholesterol

When you should pay attention to the condition of the vessels? That will help to understand abnormal cholesterol? Below is a video where you will learn specific examples of symptoms and causes of illness, who is in range of the disease, the consequences of the consequences, if the concentration of lipids below or too high. Also good to know a reasonable diet, the foods that can help lower cholesterol, external signals bad metabolism, how long does it take normalization processes.


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