15 ways to stay on the diet

Forming over the years, food habits are taking our body «hostage». Sitting on a diet, we hope that this time will be able to withstand it to the end… and again thwarted. Why our body resists such a «noble» cause of getting rid of extra pounds?

15 ways not to break the diet:

  1. Pick up your optimal diet. Choosing a weight loss method, you should consider the preferences of its own body. One like meat and seafood, while others prefer vegetables and fruits.
  2. While on the road, give preference to «authorized» products. Closing the house, you are mistress of your own refrigerator. «Command» visiting, recommending healthy meals, not worth it. Fill your plate 80% of the products that you are not prohibited, leaving 20% for treasured treats.
  3. If you are going to visit, bring a dish with the usual diet. I’m afraid not resist the temptations? Going to friends or my mother, prepare their own «diet delicacy», which you will enjoy during your visit.
  4. Let a little fatigued, «after» the extra calories in the gym. The stricter you restrict the body, the more he despises the prohibitions and conventions. Occasionally treat yourself to what you really want to eat, not forgetting about portion sizes and calorie content.
  5. Do not try to lose weight at a heightened pace. Sharp rejection of high-calorie food leads to metabolic disorders, mental disorders. The desire here and now to lose weight is fraught with bulimia.
  6. Eliminate alcohol from the diet. Alcoholic beverages, in addition to calorie content, pose a threat reduction ability to control their eating behavior.
  7. Indulge in the delicious dishes based on approved diet products. Knowing that the chosen diet is based on tasteless for you, you subconsciously adjust the body in the «hold treats».
  8. Keep a good mood – happy people want to eat less. The endorphins produced by the endocrine system, are the strongest stimulants of saturation center in the brain. Exercise, stimulating the release of hormones that will help lift your mood and regain a slim figure.
  9. Use «tricks» for appetite. A glass of warm water with lemon, Cup milk, low fat yogurt perfectly cope with the hunger, deceiving the receptors.
  10. Cook single portions. Fresh preserves maximum amounts of vitamins and nutrients, and the lack of a hearty dinner ready in the refrigerator will help not to break the diet.


  11. Drink plenty of fluids. Berry fruit drinks, warm tea, still water – a great way to maintain water balance and to stay on the diet.
  12. Invite families to follow the rules of proper nutrition. The fewer temptations in your refrigerator, the more chances not to break the weight loss program.
  13. Enjoy every morsel of food. You should not combine watching TV, reading books, work at the computer: in this situation the brain is not able to control the volume of food intake.
  14. Lose weight with a friend, husband (if you can get). Sharing delicious recipes, sharing the achievements in the diet, you will be able to successfully limit the appetite, trying to be «skinnier, prettier, healthier».
  15. Do not go to visit, shops or cafe hungry. Feeling the aroma of delicious pastries, roast pork or hamburger, it is difficult to remain indifferent. Therefore, when choosing a cafe/restaurant give preference to the kitchen with diet food, and go to the store after eating.

Trying to lose weight on a diet, remember, that the main success in achieving results is the correct motivation. Trying to lose weight «in the name of love», the envy of friends or to pleasure the wife, you limit your own body’s ability to become healthy and strong.


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