5 ways to get rid of the past

The actions of the past largely determine your current situation. However, it is not necessary to pull a load of unresolved issues, disappointments, mistakes. Turning our minds back, feeling again the painful moments, you are destroying your own world, into the Universe sending a negative message. Analyze what makes to live safely, happily, draw conclusions and… release. You have the time, opportunity to rectify the situation by getting rid of the past.

5 simple ways to forget about the negative things that happened in the past:

  1. The change of thinkingIf your mind focuses on the negative things that have happened in the past, your life will move in a negative direction. Involving in an orbit of their own emotions, fears, disappointment, failure, you focus on the «cons». Change the sign to «plus», letting go of the past. Ways to get rid of negativity: yoga classes, spiritual practices, a change of scenery. Feeling confident in yourself, having dealt with the «skeletons in the closet» of your soul, you will notice that the environment is favourable to you.


  2. Minimize socializing with negative minded friendsBlack stripe in the life of loved ones is not a reason to turn you with a convenient shoulder «to poplakala». Like you, however, do not abuse the sympathy and support of friends in difficult situations. The whiner nobody likes constant complaints about the lack of money, disobedient children or inattention husband’s uninteresting and boring. A great way to move forward, getting rid of the past, will be the distancing from friends, whose lives (in their opinion) failed. Be prepared for incomprehension and irritation, sometimes alone – it’s the currency of success and the desire to change.
  3. Set goals for yourselfAn important way to lose the negative burdens of the past will be to develop a «business plan» of your life. Think about what goals would like to achieve in a year, three, five years. The present situation was not the end of the world, and you have endless potential to create and to enjoy life. No matter how fantastic did not seem goals and ways to achieve, develop real steps (or steps) in the short term. Go to General interest courses, sign up to the dance, get out with the kids for a walk, learn about start-up projects – the scope of your interests is huge.
  4. Learn to forgiveThe inability to recognize the right for errors – their own or someone else’s – is becoming the cause of resentment, pulling a heavy load in the past. Unforgiveness like poison, eating away at your soul and kills you emotionally. Think about those who have caused you pain or suffering, with a smile and let go, replacing the spirit of hatred with love.
  5. Stop trying to impress peopleHave you ever felt misunderstood others, the hidden envy, performing well job, buying a new thing, or enjoying the success of my daughter/son? If you do this sincerely, not trying to stand out and gather a heap of enthusiastic compliments, stop looking for approval from other people. You should not please everyone, but when freed from such thoughts: «What do you say relatives (loved ones, neighbors – underline)?», will be able to achieve any goal.


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