How to buy a stroller with hands

For your child you always want the best. And there is nothing wrong with that. Although sometimes the situation is such that buying something new is not enough money. Then do not need to be ashamed and to look at the products used. Especially when it comes to the stroller.

Как купить коляску с рук

Buy a stroller with hands today at any major portal of private ads. There is a huge choice from cheap «vehicles» strollers «Lux». The latter enjoying the greatest popularity. After all, their cost is three times lower than the original. Before you go to inspect the stroller, find the same model in the store and test it. This is necessary in order to understand which faults can be detected in wheelchair with «mileage». It is very important to look at the smoothness, listen to the extra noise, pay attention, what accessories are included.

Buying hand brand stroller, you can face the fact that the stroller skated not one baby, as stated by the seller, and a minimum of two. You can tell this by the appearance of the stroller. Great life give wheels worn, faded fabric of the hood. But all sorts of creaking metal elements are well cleaned with WD-40, so to detect them you can only is already in operation. And buying a stroller, as expensive and budget, don’t forget her… smell. Because the stroller can smell tobacco, clear damp, which produces garage storage, or even a cat.

Choosing a stroller is the budget segment, do not expect miracles. Strollers Polish and Chinese manufacturers are not designed for long operation, so there are more bugs. First look at the serviceability of mechanisms: brake, flip back, adapter for carrycot. Carefully inspect the wheels, cheap wheelchair in the first place they fail. But what unites and premium class and the budget, so it ripped the net for toys and in the same sad condition raincoat. Raincoat then you can buy a new one, and the grid will have to use very carefully.

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