What to wear with a skirt-the sun

Skirt-the sun is a favorite article of clothing many women who prefer romantic style of clothing. This style of skirt emphasizes the waist of its owner, the beauty of the legs, as if to choose the right length of the outfit, it is possible to visually adjust the fullness of the hips.

С чем носить юбку-солнце

Women’s wardrobe would be unimaginable without the skirts. Only after all these apparel is able to simultaneously emphasize the femininity and elegance of its owner, and allow to show others the beauty of their legs.

Now in stores represented a huge number of various styles of skirts and they all are in demand, but lately skirts cut «sun» is increasingly gaining momentum. This is not surprising, because, as you know, most of the world’s fashion designers when creating their new collections tried to create things that would emphasize femininity and romance of its owners. This is why skirts-bottoms — favorites of recent fashion shows.

What skirts are in fashion in 2016

From the latest fashion shows, you can highlight the following: in the coming year, in trend skirts cut «sun» mini and MIDI, made of solid materials, as well as products Maxi length with wide belts. The least popular model is wrinkled, both with narrow and with broad, versions with a high waist.

What to wear with a skirt-the sun

If you love feminine style of clothes and already bought myself a couple of skirts cut «sun», before you go out in that outfit, you should consider what you can match a particular product to create the most attractive image, revealing to others the beauty of your figure.

In the preparation of ensembles with a skirt-the sun is important to consider not only the styles, components and colors, but the type of the figure. So, for example, if you are not able to boast a perfect waist, prefer skirt with a narrow belt, whose length or MIDI, or Maxi, this will add the image of stylish form-fitting shirt or a classic blouse suitable shade.

Girls with a thin waist, wanting to emphasize it, you can choose a shorter model of the skirt, and not forbidden for the wide belt. To complement the dress is the original top or tight fitting blouse, tucking them behind the belt of the skirt.

In General, skirts-sun look good with lace and satin shirts or blouses, spaghetti strap tops, cropped jackets (especially denim), tight-fitting thin sweaters. As for shoes, it is quite simple: the shorter the skirt, the higher should be the heel. For example, if the skirt is mini, the more advantageous will look feminine sandals high heels or elegant wedge if skirt Maxi ballet flats, loafers, sandals, flat shoes etc. of Course, in the preparation of the ensemble is important to consider and colors of outfits. The main thing is to remember that skirt-the sun is a bright article of clothing whatever its color, it is harmonious solely with plain clothes the top is similar or most contrasting color.

In the cold season (winter, autumn, early spring) as an upper garment for the skirt-the sun is mid-length, and below perfect jacket or coat in a masculine style. For more short — cropped coat or jacket.

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