How to hint to a guy for relationship

You really like the guy. You often communicate with him, spend a lot of time together, but then friendship there. How to hint to a guy that you would like something more how to get him to make the first move. Here are some tips that will help him to see you as not only a faithful friend but an object of desire and passion.

Как намекнуть парню на отношения


1. There are secret signals that act on the subconscious. The guy won’t even be able to say exactly why he suddenly became interested. With the help of certain gestures and mannerisms, you can get the guy to make the first move towards you.

2. While talking with him unobtrusive Pat yourself on the open areas of the body. Tap the neck, shoulder, hands. Just don’t do it deliberately badly. Hidden signals should not be noticeable. Decoration will help you to accentuate your body. Arrange the accents, for example, highlight the neckline with the help of eye-catching pendant or on the wrist ukrasti unusual bracelet.

3. In conversation with a man touch the objects on the table. Such actions will cause him to think about how you can gently touch his body. The boy subconsciously begins to fantasize. For example, you can smooth out the tablecloth on the table and hold your fingers on the glass of wine.

4. Beautiful hair also attract the eye of men. You can attract the attention of liked the guy, twirling hair on her finger. Again, this must be done unobtrusively. During the conversation, touch their hair or adjust them from one side to the other, thereby exposing his neck.

5. Try to sit closer to him. During the conversation, as though accidentally touch him. All these actions will help to draw attention to themselves and force the guy to think about you not only as a friend.

6. It is important to remember that all the above techniques must be approached gradually. The guy does not have to guess what you are specifically flirting with him. The idea that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, should appear in his head suddenly. Play, but don’t overact.

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